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This page holds all of the attachments that have been hyperlinked to in previous Red Bag editions. 

Autumn Term 2022

08 December 2022 Edition

Scarlet Fever letter to Headteacher

Scarlet Fever letter to Parents

UKHSA Group A streptococcus Communications Support Pack

Feast Christmas Activities

Indoor Air Quality

02 December 2022 Edition

Foodbanks - A5 Leaflet Christmas

Lets Talk

24 November 2022 edition

FEAST Poster

OGAT Primary Maths Conference

Fair Access Protocol (FAP) Engagement Letter

Fair Access Protocol

11 November 2022 edition

SNAP Training

Specialist Foster Carer Advert

4 November 2022 edition

Keeping Children Safe in education

Health Protection Update Nov 2022

FEAST Poster - October 2022

NotMyChild Campaign - Letter to Parents

Indoor Air Quality Product Briefing Note

14 October 2022 edition

NYCC Governor Training 2022-23

UKHSA Flu 5 Reasons Poster - Primary

UKHSA Protecting Your Child Against Flu

UKHSA Flu Vaccination - Early Years Settings Leaflet

Cinnamon Digital Immunisations - School Access

Cinnamon Digital Immunisations - View School Area

7 October 2022 edition

Hate Crime Awareness Week Leaflet

Autumn 2022 NYCC SACRE Newsletter

Autumn Term 2022 PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing and Healthy Schools Training & Update

School Census 2022-23

Craven Locality Board Careers Network Lead

Craven Locality Board Primary Curriculum Network Lead

Letter to Parents with a Reception Starter 2023

Letter to Parents - Infant to Junior School Transfer - September 2023

30 September 2022 edition

Strategies to support EAL Learners in schools and settings SI-1022-T021

Preparing your classroom, school or setting to welcome EAL Learners SI-1022-T022

Fortnightly briefings for all schools and early years settings supporting international new arrivals SI-0922-T015

Energy Matters Newsletter - issue 54

Autumn term 2022 PSHE (RSHE),  Wellbeing and Healthy Schools Training and Updates

Appendix 2 - NYCC 2023-24 School Funding Consultation

Appendix 1b - NYCC 2023-24 School Funding Consultation

Appendix 1a - NYCC 2023-24 School Funding Consultation

NYCC 2023-24 School Funding Consultation

NYCC Digital EHCP - Schools - EHCP Annual Review

Senco Webinar

23 September 2022 edition

Short Break Fostering Flyer

Let's Talk - Partners Comms Pack

16 September 2022 edition

Programme of Professionals Courses - Autumn 2022

Everybody's Cycling - Free Bike Try-Out

1:1 Swimming Lessons at Upper Wharfedale School

Locality Board Updates

Vulnerability to Radicalisation

9 September 2022 edition

HR Guidance

Teen Zine Clubs Poster

Craven Youth Council Poster

2 September 2022 edition

IDAS DA Training Programme City of York North Yorkshire

IDAS DA Dates for Training City of York North Yorkshire

Unlocking Autism Courses 2022-23 for Parents

Year 6 Letter to HT

Year 6 Letter Secondary Transfer

Summer Term 2022

22 July 2022 edition

Harrogate Drop-In Flyer

Craven Drop-In Flyer

Durham University Autism and School Success Study

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) Letter

15 July 2022 edition

Emergency Contact Information

Be Aware

NYCC Pathfinder AB and ECT Services July 2022

NYCC Inclusion Newsletter - Summer 2022

Teenager Fostering Leaflet

HKRC Summer Stay & Play Flyer

Unregistered AP Call for Evidence Document

8 July 2022 edition

Humber & NY Health & Care Partnership - Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative Poster

Draft FSM Application Form

Schools Letter Template FSM

NRP Free School Meals The Children's Society Info

NRP Free School Meals The Children's Society Staff Info.

Active Travel Ambassadors (ATA) Programme Brochure

1 July 2022 edition

FEAST Poster

Education Settings Q&A

Public Health COVID-19 Advice for Educational Settings - April 2022

Hub Drop-In Flyer 2022 - 2023

SNAP Training Flyer

Best Practice Guidance for Related Party Transactions

Governor Template

New Senco Training

Synergy Online Guide ( Free School Meals Process)

24 June 2022 edition

School Term 2023-24 Letter

NYCC Term Dates 2023-24

Twi-light Transition Drop in flyer

Go-To Resources Flyer

Go-To Social Media Messages

Go-To Young Person Support Flyer

Go-Yo Young Person Support Flyer2

SEMH for Children and Young People Flyer

17 June 2022 edition

Waste Electrical Kettle

Energy Price Increase Letter

10 June 2022 edition

North Yorkshire Music Hub - Spring 2022 Newsletter

LADO referral form - Updated 01/06/2022

Level 2 Certificate supporting Teaching and Learning

School Transport Contract Renewals

Summer 2022 NYCC SACRE Newsletter

School DSL Letter May 2022

EEF Flyer - Twilight Sessions

School Health UK Newsletter

North East and Yorkshire Self Harm and Suicide Event

26 May 2022 edition

Programme of Professionals Courses - Summer 2022

Summer Term 2022 PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing and Healthy Schools Training

Early Years Choking Hazard Poster

Early Years Choking Hazard Chart

Safeguarding Week 2022

Safeguarding Programme of Events 

NYCC Inclusion Newsletter Summer 2022

19 May 2022 edition

Energy Matters Newsletter - issue 53

Ukraine School Admissions

The ASK Suicide Prevention Training 

Free Eating Disorder Training for NY Secondary Schools

SPOT Leaflet Funded

Assessing the Language Development of EAL Learners

Meeting the Safeguarding Needs of EAL Learners who are new to English

Preparing your Classroom, School or Setting to welcome EAL Learners

Strategies to Support EAL Learners in Schools and Settings

13 May 2022 edition

EEF Recovery Programme - North Yorkshire Training Programme - Secondary, AP, Special Schools

EEF Recovery Programme - North Yorkshire Training Programme - Primary

NYCC 2022 Schools Letter - Data Submission

6 May 2022 edition

Upcoming Training from the Cognition & Learning Team

Letter from Corporate Director (CYPS) on the Local Government Review (LGR)

29 April 2022 edition

SEN Green Paper summary document

UKDPH letter regarding Scarlet Fever outbreaks

Parent Speech and Language Drop ins - Craven Area - Harrogate Area

Spring Term 2022

8 April 2022 edition

NYCC Inclusion Newsletter Spring 2022

1 April 2022 edition

FEASTer Poster 

25 March 2022 edition

SEND and Inclusion Survey (Harrogate, Ripon, Knaresborough)

Use it Sketch it Share it Poster

UKHSA COVID-19: A Guide for Parents of Children Aged 5-11

18 March 2022 edition


NYCC Governor Spring Term Update - March 2022

Pupil Event for Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Spring and Summer Term 2022 PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing & Healthy Training/Updates

User Research Information Sheet - Standards and Testing Agency

11 March 2022 edition

Child Exploitation awareness campaign briefing

Public Health COVID-19 Advice

Education Settings Q&A

Learn with Pace - live webinars

North Yorkshire C8 DP Training

Early Years SEND Training

Headteacher Workshop - Secondary

Headteacher Workshop - Primary

EEF Educational Recovery Webinars

SACRE Ramadan Guidance

Service Children's Community Choir

Free Eating Disorder Training for Secondary Schools

SPOT Leaflet Funded

Cognition and Learning Day

4 March 2022 edition

School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) Checklist 2021-22

Template for Recording Related Party Transactions 

Neurodiversity Training Flyer

18 February 2022 edition

Free Courses for Jobs - Level 3

Supporting your Child with Maths Year 6 SATS

Supporting your Child with English Year 6 SATS

Professionals Survey Flyer

School Food Letter

Healthy Packed Lunch Leaflet

Inclusion Service Newsletter

The Skipton Academy - TMP Consultation

11 February 2022 edition

Energy Matters Newsletter 

Governor Spring Term Newsletter

EUSS Support Reminder

SNAP Screening Toolkit

4 February 2022 edition

School Term Consultation Letter and Draft NYCC School Term Dates Calendar 2023-24

Apprenticeship Fair Flyer and Apprenticeship Fair Eshot

Treetops Flyer

NGA NLG Leaflet

Spring 2022 NYCC SACRE Newsletter

28 January 2022 edition

NYCC CME Protocol 2022

Post Implementation Review of the PRS Model

20 January 2022 edition

Treetops Flyer

School Census 2021-2022

KCSIE Consultation Letter

13 January 2022 edition

NYTA Annual Report

Unlocking Dyslexia Training

Jewish Exhibition at Castle Museum

OLS Booking Form 2022-23

School Briefings for Cooking in Yorkshire 2022

Child Employment 

6 January 2022 edition

Health & Wellbeing special edition

Craven Youth Council

Notification of Staffing Shortages and Packed Lunches

NYCC SENCo Newsletter - December 2021

NYCC Pension re-enrolment

Autumn Term 2021

10 December 2021 edition

nasen Training Flyer

Unlocking Autism Training Flyer

3 December 2021 edition

PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing & Healthy Schools Training for Spring Term 2022

25 November 2021 edition

Children Working at Pre-Key Stages

OLS Booking Form 2022-23

Outdoor Learning - commencement of bookings for 2022-23

The ASK Suicide Prevention Training for North Yorkshire school staff 2021-22

Peer Networks

Autumn 2021 SACRE Newsletter

Holocaust Educational Trust - Educational Programmes for Teachers

Farmington Leaflet

19 November 2021 edition

School Activity Guidance

UK Youth Parliament Flyer

2 Votes 1 Ballot Flyer

12 November 2021 edition

Unlocking Dyslexia Training

Festival of Friends

Avian Flu

5 November 2021 edition

Reuse Santa Appeal Poster

Back to school mental health resources

LA Explainer Session

The Service to Remember - Order of Service

School Food Letter

22 October 2021 edition

Autism Training

School Teachers' Pay Award and School's Model Pay Policy

Governor Autumn Term Update - October 2021

Senior Mental Health Lead Training and Grant Application 

School Policies - October 2021

School Improvement Autumn Term 2 Courses

15 October 2021 edition

Reception Starters - Letter for Parents - September 2022

Finance Briefing Note

Related Party Transactions - Summer 2021

Related Party Transactions - Template

School Term Calendar 2021-22 (amended for Jubilee Bank Holiday)

SWR Flyer 2021-22

6 October 2021 edition

Back to School communications toolkit document including images:

Energy Matters Newsletter - Issue 51

NYCC Guidance on Pupil Premium+ for looked after children and previously looked after children

Parent Carer Voice - upcoming sessions Autumn Term

CYPS Headteacher briefings - agenda for October meetings

Curriculum conversations

24 September 2021 edition

NYCC EHE Policy & Procedures

School Funding Consultation 2022-23

School Funding Consultation 2022-23 - Appendix 1

School Funding Consultation 2022-23 - Appendix 2

Special School Funding Consultation 2022-23

Special School Funding Consultation Response - Appendix 4

Fair School Funding For All - DfE Consultation

NY Voice Parliament Day Poster

School Census - Autumn 2021-22

Engagement Model Guidance 2020

PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing and Healthy Schools Training for the Autumn Term 2021

NY Safeguarding Annual Report to the Governing Body Sample Template Sept 2021

Announcing the Launch of Get Information about Pupils

Pupil Premium Data Download 2021-22 - User Guide 

C and I Courses - Autumn Term 2021

North Yorkshire Schools Forum - School Governor Vacancies

Unlocking Autism - Parent Offer Statement for Professionals

Unlocking Autism Courses 2021 Parent Flyer

Additional on-line Parent Courses

Parents and Carers Workshop Leaflet

On-line Pupil Climate Change Event

17 September 2021 edition

School Sample Child Protection Manual - September 2021 - New Schools Child Protection Manual which replaces the Sample School Child Protection Policy. This document has been updated further to reflect KCSIE 2021.

School Improvement and Inclusion Approved Provider List: Specification and Response Form

15 September 2021 edition

Yr6 Letter to Parents re. Secondary School Transfer

Attendance reporting update

The Queen's Green Canopy - letter from the Lord Lieutenant and FAQ document.

DBS Letter to Schools Sept 2021

KCSIE - September 2021

NYSCP Suicide Prevention - Letter

Early Help Professional Courses - Autumn 2021

Digital EHCP - Information from Schools

7 September 2021 edition

School Safeguarding Audit 2020-2021 School Report

School Sample Child Protection Manual - September 2021 - New Schools Child Protection Manual which replaces the Sample School Child Protection Policy. NOTE - further update in Red Bag of 17 September 2021.

Summer Term 2021

End of term letter from Amanda Newbold, Assistant Director - Education and Skills

21 July 2021 edition

Admissions Letter - All Schools

Admissions Code - May 2021

Admissions Priority for Children Adopted from State Care outside of England

FAQs 2021 Admissions Code

North Yorks Webinar - Flyer - Professionals

North Yorks Webinar - Flyer - Parents

NYTogether - Holiday Activities Fund - Letter to Secondary Schools

NYCC - Governor Summer Term Update - July 2021

Holocaust Educational Trust - Online Teacher Summer School Flyer

Holocaust Educational Trust - Teacher Training Course Dates 2021-22

Holocaust Educational Trust - Educational Programmes for Teachers


1 July 2021 edition

Promoting the education of children with a social worker 

Summer 2021 NYCC SACRE Newsletter

NYFRS Name the Fire Engine leaflet

NYFRS Name the Fire Engine Photo

Energy Matters Newsletter

16 June 2021 edition

NYES Summer Term 2021 - Post Covid-19 Infection Return to Work Guide

Hidden Harm graphic NYSCP - FB-Twitt

Hidden Harm graphic NYSCP Insta2

Hidden Harm press release graphic NYSCP

Hidden Harm press release NYSCP A4 QR code

Hidden Harm parent/carer school newsletter and social media posts

Call to Action

NELI flyer

The ASK Suicide Prevention Training Flyer

NYCC - Governor Summer Term Update - May 2021

CYPS Headteacher Leadership Meetings - June 2021

Outdoor Learning and Educational Visits update - June 2021

Safeguarding Week

NYFRS Road Safety - Schools Newsletter

School Term and Holiday Dates 2021-22 - amendment

School Term Dates 2022-23


21 May 2021 edition

Online Pupil Event June 22nd

HO-EUSS Important Information  - leaflet

HO-EUSS Introduction to EUSS - factsheet

EU Settlement Scheme - Information for EU or EEA Citizen Children

Transition Advice EYFS to Primary

Transition Advice KS2 to KS3

Launch of the 2022 MOD Education Support Fund

Music Hub Spring 2021

Letter re Model Music Curriculum

Model Music Curriculum Flyer


23 April 2021 edition

SACRE Newsletter

PSHE (RSHE), Wellbeing and Healthy Schools Training for the summer term

Voice of Schools report letter, Executive summary and CPD guide regarding service pupils 

Young People's Drug and Alcohol Misuse - Information leaflet and referral form for the new service

Early Help Training - Summer Term activities for professionals and families and young people

North Yorkshire Sleep Service

Spring Term 2021

24 March 2021 edition

Post lockdown curriculum questions - primary - secondary and post 16

Governor Update - Spring Term (March)

Service Children CPD Guide report

Medical Education Service newsletter

VAT guidance for schools

Marie Collins Foundation workshops

18 March 2021 edition

School Term and Holiday Dates 2022-23 consultation - letter and draft calendar

Neurodiversity celebration week

4 March 2021 edition

Use of schools as polling stations on 6 May

Safeguarding audit for schools - reminder

Schools Financial Management Update - March 2021

11 February 2021 edition

Risk Protection Arrangement

Medical Education Service newsletter - Spring 2021

29 January 2021 edition

Early help offer - Spring Term activities for professionals and families & young people

Early Years Funding Rates (disadvantaged two year olds and three & four year olds) consultation

SACRE Newsletter

Energy Matters Newsletter

Autumn Term 2020

27 November 2020 edition

Locality parent/carer virtual sessions - December

Developing a nurturing approach

Behaviour and Exclusions Bulletin 3

Diagnosis and treatment of PANS/PANDAS

PANS/PANDAS diagnostic criteria

19 November 2020 edition

2020 Make Your Mark tally sheet - Youth Parliament

2021/22 Special School and Academy funding arrangements - consultation paper

Join your local Youth Voice Group

9 November 2020 edition

Financial transparency of schools - DfE consultation response

DfE guidance for parents on Elective Home Education

Healthy Child Programme consultation:

Thriving Lives Conference

Marie Collins Foundation - NYSCP training events

22 October 2020 edition

Governor update - Autumn Term 

SENDIASS Autumn Term newsletter

Schools stationery e-templates

Energy Matters Newsletter - Issue 48

Become a Young Inspector

7 October 2020 edition

School funding consultation 2021-22

AAC Awareness Month

DLD and Dysfluency recognition days

Starting primary school in September 2021 - letter to parents and common application form

Infant to junior school transfer - letter to parents

Letter to schools in the MASS Scheme

30 September 2020 edition

New two year old funding process

EU Settled Status information

2020 Growing up in North Yorkshire Survey: letter to schools, information leaflet, survey response form, sample letter to parents

Autumn 2020 PHSE Wellbeing and Healthy Schools newsletter

Parent & Carer Behaviour Policy - note to schools, model policy, template procedure

23 September 2020 edition

11 September 2020 edition

Governor update - Autumn Term 2020

One minute guide - Golden Ticket letter approach to two year old funding

The Go To website:

Letter to parents of Year 6 pupils regarding admissions

#Look closer campaign resources

Summer Term 2020

16 July 2020 edition

3 July 2020 edition

26 June 2020 edition

18 June 2020 edition


Spring Term 2020

28 February 2020 edition

3 February 2020 edition

27 January 2020 edition

8 January 2020 edition: