Staffing and Recruitment

The committee employs a team of qualified and experienced early years practitioners to manage the day to day running of the childcare provision and sometimes (if you are fortunate enough) an administrator/bookkeeper to assist with the effective the administration of the setting. As employers of the staff, you must comply with the laws on employment. These will involve fulfilling responsibilities to your employees (by respecting their legal rights) and to the Government (by operating PAYE and other systems). You will also need to work together to supervise the work of your employees and to put appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that tasks are carried out correctly and meet legal requirements.


The Committee need to ensure that any staff recruited have the right skills, qualifications and experience to carry out their duties and also be suitable to work with children. A clear and fair recruitment process should be in place to ensure equality of opportunity and at least one member of the interview panel should have undertaken 'safer recruitment' training, which can be accessed via the NYSCB and NSPCC websites below.

Ofsted inspectors will not rely on the production of certificates as part of the inspection. Inspectors will discuss safeguarding arrangements and will need to be satisfied that you are competent in the safeguarding requirements associated with the recruitment and appointment of staff.


You need to ensure that the manager has a level 3 qualification, along with the deputy to allow for sickness, holidays & training. The Early Years Foundation Stage also stipulates that at least half of the rest of the staff need to be at least level 2 trained to be able to count in the ratios.


Basically this is an agreement between employer (committee) & employee (staff) which outlines the terms & conditions of their employment. Most contracts do not have to be written but can help to minimise later disagreements if they are provided. However, the Employment Act 1996, requires all employers to issue most staff with a written statement of terms of their contract within 2 months of starting work.

HR Support

When you employ staff it is important to know and understand your legal obligations. NYCC offer an Early Years HR Advisory Service which you can buy into through Smart Solutions, more information can be found on the following link:

ACAS is also a source of support which can be found on the following link:

If you are a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, you automatically have support through LawCall, which is a 24 hour, confidential legal helpline that provides advice on employment issues for the trustees, directors or owners of Alliance member settings. Contact details for Lawcall are given on your Alliance membership card:

Minimum Wage

More information can be found on the following link:

Holiday Entitlement

This is now 5.6 weeks per year pro rata for part time staff. The following link will help calculate holiday entitlement:

Pension Scheme

Free impartial advice from  There is now the automatic pension enrolment scheme coming into force, more info:


This should be in place for every new member of staff / volunteer / student to support their development and knowledge of the setting and to ensure that they are fully aware of their role and responsibilities.

Line Management

This is usually the Playleader or Manager for the rest of the staff and the Chairperson is usually line manager for the Playleader or Manager.


Should be undertaken at least once a year to record and assess an employee's performance, potential and development needs. This can also be linked to bonus's and pay increments if required.

Supervision meetings

These entail regular communication time with your line manager to ensure that any issues are sorted before they become a serious problem and that workloads are manageable.

Useful links

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