Commitee Meetings

There are various types of committee meetings:

AGM (Annual General Meeting) - held annually, invite all parents & staff. Where members resign & new members are voted in. Following the EY Alliance Constitution, need a 'quorum' of usually 10% or five members whichever is the greatest. Accounts need to have been audited before this meeting. Need to plan this well in advance - especially if you know the majority of the committee are leaving. Make it a special event to encourage parents to attend. Ideally, identify someone to take over your role & discuss position with them beforehand. Maximum number on the committee is 12.

Committee Meetings - depends on the constitution but usually at least 2 a year but a working committee needs at least one a term, as there is usually so much on the agenda to get through.

EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) - can be called at any time but usually when there is a major event happening, such as the expected closure of the group or a change to the legal structure of the setting.

General tips:

Always set an agenda for every meeting that is circulated beforehand and ensure that the Chair Person 'chairs' the meeting! Ensure that minutes are produced and the previous minutes are agreed at the beginning of each meeting. Invite the Play leader or Manager to feedback to the rest of the staff & ideally have matters arising from staff meetings as a point on the agenda. Have reports from each of the key committee members & staff & include fundraising & marketing.

When reviewing staff wages, ensure that staff are not present at that point in the meeting, even if they are elected committee members, as this is a conflict of interests.

Highlight the need for confidentiality - what is discussed at meetings stays in meetings. Any breach of confidentiality needs to be addressed as soon as possible.