adult and child reading a book togetherInformation for registered providers (including childminders) and those wishing to become a registered provider.

This section contains information to support your practice as a registered provider including childminders.

There is also information for those who wish to become a registered provider.

Setting up a Childcare Business

Setting up as a childcare provider is the same as setting up any new business.   A good business plan will establish the sustainability and viability of any potential new provision.  Market research should be undertaken to establish if there is a demand for the new provision and what type of childcare provision is needed in the area.  Families’ needs and demands should be considered as integral to the business model being considered.  

Childminder start up grants provide eligible new childminders with a one off payment that does need to be paid back.  You can apply for a start-up grant if you registered as a new childminder after 15 March 2023. You must:

  • work as a childminder in England
  • have completed your Ofsted or childminder agency registration before applying

This grant is for new childminders only. If you registered with Ofsted or a childminder agency before 15 March 2023 and you are still registered, you’re not eligible. You can find further information and apply at-  Apply for a childminder start-up grant - GOV.UK (

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) available at:- . Early education and childcare - Statutory guidance for local authorities (

Early Education and Childcare Government Funding

As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, or as a childminder registered with a Childminder Agency (CMA), you can register to offer early education and childcare funded places for eligible two year old children and all three and four years old children.  For further information see the “Early Education Places, Funding and Entitlement” section.  To be set up as a funded provider, please contact Maddy Atkinson at or the general email box

Once the childcare provision is fully registered and Ofsted has issued the registration certificate, there is a duty for childcare providers to engage with the Local Authority.  Providers are required to submit estimates for each term’s government funding, complete a headcount of the number of children accessing government funded places each term, complete an annual census and update termly the provider portal.  Providers are expected to complete their sufficiency details on the sufficiency tab on the provider portal to ensure the Local Authority can meet its statutory duty to ensure there are sufficient childcare places within the authority.

Food Standards Agency

The following links take you to the information needed when operating as an early years provider regarding food safety/hygiene and allergies.

Food Allergy Training is available from various external providers.


Ofsted is the regulatory body and offers guidance documents to ensure your practice meets the statutory requirements.

Ensure you keep going back to check this website for updates.

Sector Professional Bodies:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To book on a NYC training course you will need to register with North Yorkshire Education Services via the website

Safeguarding and Child Protection

For up to date information regarding all safeguarding matters, referral forms and guidance refer to North Yorkshire Safeguarding Partnership website at NYSCP (

A monthly safeguarding e-bulletin is issued which you can sign up for to be sent directly to your email.  All previous safeguarding e-bulletins can be found on the NYSCP website NYSCP (

Please refer to the NYSCP website for all safeguarding matters.  The NYSCP website is NYSCP (