Becoming a Childminder

There are a number of things you will need to do before becoming an Ofsted registered childminder.  A childminder is person who receives payment for working in their own home, looking after at least one child for more than two hours a day.

Pre-registration information

A number of companies offer childminding registration courses online.  Ofsted offers an on line pre-registration briefing

Disclosure and Barring Service

All childminders and any person living or working on the premises, aged over 16 will need to have a DBS completed and Ofsted recommends that you subscribe to the DBS update service.  The following link takes you to the Ofsted website


You must register with Ofsted if you want to be paid to look after children aged under 8 years for more than 2 hours a day. There are 2 registers. You must apply to be on:

  • the Early Years Register to look after children aged 5 and under
  • the Childcare Register to look after children aged 5 to 7
  • both registers to look after children of all ages

The Early Years Register is for children from birth up to the 31 August after their 5th birthday. After that you must be on the Childcare Register to look after them.

The following link takes you to the registration page for Ofsted

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The following link takes you to the information required when registering as a childminder:


To register as a childminder you need to complete a course that gives you knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  NYCC offers a one day course called Principles in Practice (EYFS).

To book onto any NYCC training course you will need to register with North Yorkshire Education Services and book directly through the website at

To register as a childminder you will need to complete a full Paediatric First Aid course which needs renewing every three years.  You also need to complete the online basic safeguarding course Basic Awareness


The following link takes you to information about registering as self-employed with HMRC: (childminder specific information is further down on the webpage, so you will need to scroll down)

Families Information Service

For further advice and support please contact the Families Information Service on 01609 533483 or

Further detailed information is available in the following document:

Starting a Childminding Business in North Yorkshire (Updated August 2019)