Early Education Places, Funding and Entitlement

Delivery of funded early education places is made by childminders, sessional pre-schools, full day care providers, independent schools, nursery schools and nursery classes in primary schools.

All three and four year olds, regardless of their background or family circumstances, are entitled to 15 hours of Government funded early years provision. 3 and 4 year olds of working families who meet new eligibility criteria are also entitled to 1140 hours across the year. This equates to 30 hours a week in term time or 380 hours each term stretched into the holiday weeks.

Eligible two year olds from less advantaged backgrounds are entitled to 15 hours of funded provision. Two year old provision is designed to support:

  • economically disadvantaged familieschildren digging
  • children who are, or have been in the care system - children who left care through adoption orders, residence orders, or special guardianship
  • 2 year olds with high need SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are also eligible.                                          

In order to access a two year old place, a family claiming under the economic criteria will need to have their eligibility checked on-line: https://onlineadmissions.northyorks.gov.uk/Enrol/Website_Live/default.aspx

Families who require childcare for their 2 year olds or 3-4 year olds who are not eligible for funded places are able to pay for places by arrangement with a childcare provider.

Early years' provision is funded by North Yorkshire Council in line with the statutory guidance for local authorities on 'The delivery of funded early education for two, three and four year olds and securing sufficient childcare'. In order to draw down funding, private, voluntary and independent providers must be registered with Ofsted on the Early Years Register and also registered with NYC for this purpose. A signed Provider Agreement, between NYC and the individual provider must be in place before any payment can be made.

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The following websites have numerous documents and information to support your delivery of the extended entitlement. Please keep checking back for further updates as they are added over the summer term.