Why fundraise? Many early years settings work to very tight budgets and sometimes need to supplement their income through fundraising. This should not be used to supplement the day to day running costs of the setting, paying wages etc. It should be used to purchase specific items or resources.

Any funds raised for a specific purpose must only be used for that purpose; therefore, it may be helpful to include a line stating that if the amount raised is in excess of the target, these funds will be used to buy new resources for the group.

Have a specific member of the committee to organise fundraising events. Look at different ideas and plan it in over the year.

Ensure guidelines of the Charity Commission are kept to, along with your constitution. Financial management of any fundraising needs to be very clear, as fundraising for other charities eg, barnardos toddle, comic relief, etc. should be kept strictly separate and not put into the same bank account.

Regularity - Planned in, it will be easier to manage. If you have events too often, it will be the same people putting their hand in their pockets and it gets quite irritating, especially if they also have children attending school etc. It will also be the same people setting up, doing extra hours, etc. and usually the committee. Need to keep a work / life balance.

Link to marketing - be inventive! Get the media involved - plan it well ahead and publicise the event. Always write to outside contributors to let them know where their money has gone and how it has benefitted your group. A good partnership formed with other businesses can be mutually beneficial for both parties.