North Yorkshire Alternative Provision

Across North Yorkshire there are 7 local authority commissioned Pupil Referral Units and school led Alternative Provisions. These provisions are established to assist and support young people who require an alternative curriculum to that of a mainstream school with high levels of pastoral support.

North Yorkshire Alternative Provisions are able to support young people in North Yorkshire secondary schools by providing full or part time provision for young people who may be finding mainstream education challenging. Each provision serves a local area; these are:

  • The Bridge-Scarborough
  • Sunbeck Centre-Hambleton and Richmondshire
  • The Rubicon Centre-Selby
  • Ellerbeck Centre-Craven
  • Springwell Harrogate-Harrogate/Ripon and Knaresborough
  • Ryedale Out of School Education-Ryedale
  • Whitby Outreach-Whitby

Young people who are at risk of exclusion can access support from a North Yorkshire AP via referral through the local area inclusion panel. This support can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual young person and will include assessment, intervention and support and guidance on reintegration back to mainstream school.

Each provision offers a range of accreditation complimented by expertise in supporting social, emotional and mental health needs to reengage young people in learning.  

School Responsibilities

Prior to accessing NYAP schools should:

  • Thoroughly assess the needs of the young person
  • Have made all reasonable efforts to support the young person within their existing resources
  • Sought advice and guidance from their Local SEND Hub
  • Received parental consent before referral to the Inclusion Panel 

Whilst a young person is in attendance at a NYAP:

  • Maintain on-going contact with the AP and pupil, with clear procedures in place to exchange information, monitor progress and plan for reintegration.
  • Maintain the young person on the school roll
  • Agree with the AP the curriculum and interventions the young person will access
  • Monitor attendance and work in partnership address any issues
  • Remain ‘open’ to a return to mainstream school for all children referred
  • Ensure young people are supported at transition points
  • Commission suitable and cost effective transport for the young person (LA contribution available)
  • Make a contribution to the placement cost of £26 per day

North Yorkshire AP’s and the Local Authority are committed to working with schools to reduce exclusion. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure places are used and capacity is managed effectively to support those most in need in each locality.

Local Authority Responsibilities

The local authority is responsible for:

  • Keeping its provision for SEND under review
  • Ensuring places are commissioned to support young people at risk of being, or who are, excluded from school
  • Ensuring fair and transparent processes are administered for the access to places
  • Administering the financial contributions for places and transport


NYCC Alternative Provision Directory (June 2024)

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