SEND hubs


As of 1st September 2020, most of the services previously offered through Inclusive Education Services (IES) plus the Statutory SEN Team as well as some additional services will be provided through 4 Locality based hubs.

Where are they?



Scarborough/Ryedale/Whitby & Filey


What do they aim to do?

  • Staff in schools/settings will be confident to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND

  • Schools/settings will increase in confidence so that children and young people with SEND are included and can achieve to their highest potential

  • Parents/carers will gain a better understanding of the needs of their child and will have confidence that their needs are being met

  • There will be increased participation an Also d achievement for children and young people with SEND

  • Schools and settings will build their own expertise through wider workforce development leading to better outcomes for all.

Who do they work with?

  • The child or young person is resident in North Yorkshire, or receiving education in a North Yorkshire educational establishment

  • The child or young person is in the age range 0-25 years

  • The request has been discussed with parents/carers and signed consent has been obtained from those with parental responsibility or from a young person themselves, where they are considered to be competent and are over sixteen years of age

  • The child or young person has complex and significant SEND. This means needs cannot be met without additional expertise, over and above what is typically expected in their school or setting

  • Children/young people attending schools/settings will already have had two cycles of assess, plan, do, review, and their needs are persistent.

Hub staff will work into schools and settings across the 0-25 age range and also with parents / carers and in the home where appropriate.  Each child will have a key worker who will be their main contact from the Hub team.

Please see the Hub Handbook for Schools for further details – link below.  For referrals – please use the Hub Referral form – link below.

School responsibilities

  • To be curious about potential SEND and to identify this early through High Quality Teaching using appropriate assessment / screening tools

  • To intervene early to reduce the gap following Chapter 6 of the SEND Code of Practice and using High Quality Teaching interventions / differentiation / modifications

  • To document the impact of these interventions in order to evidence why further support is required

  • To gain consent from parent / carer / young person before referral

  • To complete the Hub Referral form demonstrating that the school has used all reasonably expected attempts to support the child

  • To work with the Hub team once the child / young person is allocated to ensure that any skills / knowledge / strategies are embedded around the child / young person

LA responsibilities

  • To make the decision to accept or reject the referral within 1 week (in term time) of the referral

  • To make contact with the referrer within 2 weeks (in term time) to explain the decision and either to signpost and advise if rejected or to make arrangements to take forward if accepted

  • To provide high quality advice and support in line with the specialist pathways

  • To give clear feedback to the school / setting and to families

  • To have clearly defined outcomes of their input and share these with the school / setting and to families

References/Links to Associated Information

North Yorkshire SEND - Hub Referral Form

SEND Hubs Handbook - Scarborough/Whitby/Ryedale

SEND Hubs Handbook - Harrogate/Ripon/Knaresborough/Craven

SEND Hubs Handbook - Selby

SEND Hubs Handbook - Hambleton/Richmondshire

Statutory Guidance

Contact for more information