Disabled children's service and the children's resource centres

Disabled children and young people

Information about the referral and assessment process for children who have substantial and permanent disabilities.

Some disabled children and young people with more complex needs may require a higher level of support or short breaks and this would be determined through a Child and Family Assessment and/or a Parent Carer Needs Assessment. 

Referrals are screened and allocated for assessments as necessary.  The screening process will determine which team is most appropriate to undertake the assessment, this will be either the Family Assessment and Support Team or Disabled Children and Young Peoples Service. 

North Yorkshire Council eligibility for Disabled Children’s Services

The Disabled Children’s Service provides support for disabled children and young people where the disability has a substantial and long term effect on their ability to carry out day-to-day activities and there are significant difficulties in meeting needs within their family, broader support networks or through local universal provision.

Review of services provided to disabled children

There is an ongoing review of social care support for disabled children in our area.

Requests for further information, including assessments, should be made to our customer service centre. Contact us.


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