Business Planning

This page can gives advice and assistance in relation to the preparation of Business Plans, for short, medium and long term planning.

All Early Years Providers are encouraged to produce a business plan. 

A business plan should include the following information:

  • Mission Statement - This describes the purpose for which your organisation exists
  • Details of the Business - this will include legal structure, trustee/owner details. Main contact for the organisation, incorporation reference number, charities commission reference number
  • Strategic Objectives of the Business - These will include all short, medium and long term objectives, that are required to achieve aims and missions of the organisation
  • Analysis of need - This will include a customer profile and feasibility study (if one has been carried out)
  • SWOT Analysis - This identifies the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats
  • Childcare details - Details of the types of childcare on offer
  • Ofsted details - Ofsted registration number if applicable and latest inspection result
  • Staff - Details of all staff and volunteers working within the organisation, including qualifications held
  • Quality Assurance - details of any quality assurance scheme your organisation is a member of
  • Fee Structure - details of fees prospective customers can expect to pay for each service
  • Competitor Analysis - Details of competitors within the local area
  • Financial Plans - 3 year cash flow analysis
  • Marketing Plan Overview - This will be a brief overview of the more detailed information held within Marketing Plan
  • Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation - Include how you will monitor cash flow, and progress against the Business Plan

Useful Downloads

Sample Business Plan

A sample business plan for childcare providers