Finance Enquiry Service FAQs

What is the VAT number for North Yorkshire County Council?

259 1077 49

Can we change our bank / building society?

Yes, as long as you use an NYCC approved bank or building society as detailed in the School Finance Manual which is available here

We have a deposit account as well as our current account. How do we submit bank reconciliations for this account?

Scanned copies will need to be submitted via e-mail to

How do we apply for a Barclaycard?

You need to contact Business Support Services the contact is Lesley Lyle tel: 01609 532403

How many years can we retain a surplus balance in excess of 15% of our delegated budget?

3 consecutive financial years at which point you will receive a warning letter. If this is still the position after a 4th consecutive year funding may be subject to claw back

How do I book a place at the School Finance and Admin Conferences?

The conferences are available to register online via North Yorkshire Education Services here

Where can I find the current mileage and subsistence rates for teaching and non-teaching staff?

Current rates are updated quarterly following this link: Advisory fuel rates - GOV.UK (

Can I claim funding for a child that started after the October census day?

Unfortunately we don't have any local discretion over the pupil numbers that are used for funding.  If it is a child starting in the main school rather than a nursery class we have to use the number of children on roll at October census day, so this child won't be counted in the pupil numbers used to calculate your next year's delegated budget. If the child is eligible for pupil premium you will get this funding as pupil premium is based on the January census, as long as the child is still with you at the time of the January census and they are flagged as eligible for pupil premium.

If you have a 2, 3 or 4 year old nursery child start with you after headcount and they have not previously claimed a funded early years place elsewhere in NY you can claim for the remaining weeks of the term that they attend.

Can we reclaim rental costs for ad-hoc use of additional premises?

Only schools in receipt of Exceptional Rent Funding (S251) are eligible for reimbursement