Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

North Yorkshire Appropriate Body

Support for Early Career Teachers and Legacy ECTs (NQTS)

From September 2021, induction for teachers joining the profession will be extended to two years and, underpinned by the ECF, will provide them with a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue.

(Appropriate Bodies Guidance: Induction and the Early Career Framework)

The North Yorkshire Appropriate Body (AB) provides support for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and schools as part of the statutory Early Career Teacher (ECT) induction delivery process. 

Our aim is that ECTs registered with the NYCC Appropriate Body complete their ECT induction period.  To ensure that this happens, we provide schools with advice and support surrounding the ECT induction process.   As part of this process, the AB role would be to check that the ECT assessment is fair and consistently applied. In addition that the Early Career Framework (ECF) is being delivered effectively.

You will be able to register an ECT with the NYCC 'Appropriate Body' on the website below, where you will find clear information as to the process:


Initially, schools need to decide which model they will pursue:

  • Option 1: Full Induction Programme

To enrol their ECTs on a fully funded provider-led programme for ECTs and mentors.

  • Option 2: Core Induction Programme

To deliver the DfE accredited materials and resources themselves.

  • Option 3: School Led Programme

To create their own sessions that meet the aims of the ECF framework.

Note: ECTs cannot start their induction until their 'Appropriate Body' is agreed upon.

All ECTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body. This role is separate from the delivery of the ECF training and essentially ensures that the assessment process is completed.

If schools opt for Option 1 (Full Induction), their chosen Teaching School Hub will carry out this function, but if schools opt for Option 2 or three they will need to choose a provider to act as their AB.

Teaching School Hubs delivering the ECF programme within the NYCC are Pathfinder, Delta and Red Kite. NYCC, Delta and Red Kite are all acting as Appropriate Bodies.  It is envisaged that Pathfinder will be carrying out this role from September 2022.

Whilst the ECF training is fully funded, there is a cost associated with registering your ECTs for all Appropriate Bodies; the costs for the North Yorkshire AB are as follows:

  • Full Programme with NYCC with TSH Provider (Delta, Pathfinder or Red Kite)

£100 per ECT Per Year

  • Full Programme – with NYCC and other TSH National Provider

£150 per ECT per Year

  • Core Programme

£425 per ECT per Year (£200 per ECT and £225 Quality Assurance)        

  • School Led Programme

£950 per ECT per Year (£200 per ECT and £750 Quality Assurance)

Please see the document – NYCC AB costs for further information (here)

Early Career Framework

As part of the ECF programme, ECTs will be provided not only with an Induction Tutor but also with a dedicated Mentor to oversee the delivery of the ECF programme.

The roles and responsibilities for the AB, Headteacher, Induction tutor and Mentor are all clearly defined and are paraphrased below:

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Appropriate body: check the school's plans for delivering an ECF-based induction and verify that the ECT has received all documentation.
  2. Headteacher: ensure that an appropriate ECF-based induction is in place for the ECT and submit induction plans to the appropriate body.
  3. Induction Tutor: support the Headteacher in planning an ECF-based induction as required. Ensure that the Mentor and ECT are aware of the plans for an ECF-based induction.
  4. Mentor: work collaboratively with the ECT and other colleagues involved in the ECT's induction within the same school to help ensure the ECT receives a high-quality ECF-based induction programme.

 The NYCC AB service includes: 

  • Registering your ECTs/ Legacy NQTs with the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).
  • Receiving, reading and registering assessment forms.
  • Giving advice and guidance on statutory guidance for the Early Career Framework (ECF).
  • Ensuring that training and support provided by the school (or provider) meets the ECF.
  • Supporting you with any concerns over the progress of your ECTs/ NQTs (Legacy)
  • Virtual or live networks meetings for Mentors and Early Career Teachers (subject/ phase/ setting specific).
  • Access to virtual or live induction meetings, provided by the Lead Adviser for ECTs.
  • Key resources to support with the introduction of the Early Careers Framework.
  • Annual QA process (virtual or face-to-face depending on need).

The NYCC AB is committed to ensuring value for money and not charging more than the cost of supplying this service. Therefore, the pricing for this service has been agreed initially in line with the DfE recommendations and will be revised annually and any savings made due to uptake will be passed on to schools. 

ECTs cannot start induction until an Appropriate Body is in place and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) checks have been undertaken by the school/organisation delivering the induction.

Please note that the Teaching Regulation Agency will not backdate ECT induction without prior registration, except in the event of systems error.  

Change to ECT's contract or hours

Notify us if an ECT's contract or hours have changed since the last induction period so that we can calculate revised deadlines. This information is essential for our records and planning purposes.

Please see the Information on Progress Reviews and Formal Assessments on the CYPS website.


All schools that have registered ECTs with NYCC as the AB will receive reminders about the dates for submission.

The reviews and assessments will be quality assured by the ECT Lead Adviser (Jill Stubbs), and any issues and/or concerns will be raised with the school.

Further clarification about the induction process is available in the statutory guidance available below.

Concerns about an ECT's performance

You must notify the Appropriate Body as soon as possible if you've any concerns regarding an ECT's performance. The AB will give advice and offer support to ensure that the ECT meets the Teacher Standards to a satisfactory standard. For further guidance, please see the Statutory Guidance or contact

Jill.Stubbs@northyorks.gov.uk (Lead Adviser for NQT and ECT induction)

If an induction extension or fast tracking is required, this must also be discussed and agreed upon with your Appropriate Body.

Data Protection

Please be aware that in line with the DfE statutory guidance (para 2.70) we will release the assessment forms to the new school and Appropriate Body in the event of an ECT moving schools mid-induction if required.  Only staff involved in the induction process must have access to the documentation.

2.70 Where an ECT has already completed part of their period in another institution, the headteacher/principal should contact the ECT’s previous appropriate body to obtain copies of any progress review records or assessment reports (including any interim assessments). They should establish how much induction time remains to be served and alert the new appropriate body to any concerns that have been raised about the ECT’s progress by previous employers.

Termination provisions

Although it would not be recommended during the induction period, if a school should wish to de-register NYCC as the appropriate body for an ECT already signed up, then a school should contact the NYCC lead adviser as soon as possible. The ECT will need to be registered with another appropriate body for the induction period to continue. This change will only be able to take place at the end of, and between, completed review and assessment periods and the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA) must also be notified.

Should a school de-register; service charges will not be refunded.


The Legacy NQT SLA is only available for NQTs who have already commenced induction before September 2021 and still need to complete it.

We also provide independent quality assurance for the “Legacy” ECT (NQT) induction process as part of our role as an 'Appropriate Body'

There are special arrangements in place for ECTs who have started induction before September 2021.

For ECTs who have started but not completed induction by September 2021, the previous Statutory Guidance is still applicable.

These ECTs have until the end of 2022/23 to complete induction under the 1-year arrangements.

For those ECTs, the AB will confirm the dates for assessments and the documentation provided on the CYPS website should be used. For further advice about this particular cohort, please contact Jill.Stubbs@northyorks.gov.uk    Also see useful downloads for Legacy ECTs (NQTs) Induction Providers on the CYPS website:

Useful documents for Legacy ECTs

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