Youth Justice

North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service (YJS) comprises expert staff from a range of service partners including the Police, Probation Service, Children's Social Care, Health, and Education, supported by committed and skilled volunteers. The key objectives of the Youth Justice Service are to reduce youth crime, protect the public from serious harm, and safeguard the welfare of young people.

We support preventative and diversionary services to help vulnerable young people stay out of trouble, and support the Police with programmes to accompany Youth Cautions & Conditional Cautions. If a young person is convicted by a Court and placed under our statutory supervision, we assess their individual needs and risks, and provide a tailored programme of support and change.

We work closely with the families of young people who offend, and with local schools and other community services, to help the young people to get their lives back on track and achieve positive outcomes. We provide Education & Training support, Health & Substance Misuse services, and advice on Housing, Employment etc.

We provide expert advice and reports to assist the Police, Courts and Parole Board in making decisions about charging and sentence management, and we offer information, support and restorative justice opportunities for victims of youth crime.


A range of information including details of court orders, bail arrangements, parole reports, probation support, court procedures and more can be found on the North Yorkshire Youth Justice It also provides contact details for the service.