School Exclusions

Evidence is undisputable that consistency of education is vital for success.

At North Yorkshire Virtual School, we work very hard to avoid moving Looked After Children whenever possible and we try to work with schools to avoid permanent exclusions.

The stability within a home placement and school placement is vital for secure attachments and yet we know that past issues which have impacted on a child's upbringing, result in Trauma and Attachment difficulties, causing a detrimental effect on their behaviour, social and emotional development.

If as a school or carer, you are worried about a Young Person who is at risk of permanent or a fixed term exclusion, please contact the Head of the Virtual school straight away.

The Personal Educational Plan (PEP) meetings are the best place to discuss any issues and it is not necessary to wait until the next scheduled meeting. Any person- carer, school representative or pupil can request that an additional meeting is held.

Exclusion from school should be a last resort for any children, so it is vital that Foster Carers work with the school as soon as a child's behaviour becomes a cause for concern.

The school should tell Foster Carers and the child's Social Worker the reasons for the exclusion. The Social Worker should inform the parents, if appropriate; after talking to the child and their parents must look at whether to appeal against the decision to exclude the child. The child's Social Worker must also inform the child's Independent Reviewing Officer.

If a child is excluded from school for a fixed period, the school will provide work for the first five days of the exclusion. The child's Social Worker, or your Supervising Social Worker, must talk to you about suitable arrangements for making sure the child does schoolwork during the day and ensuring that the child does not go out during school hours, except as part of a planned arrangement. From the sixth day the school should provide a place for the child to be educated.

If the child is in primary school and receives a fixed term exclusion or is in secondary school and is excluded for more than five days, the Social Worker should make sure a meeting is held within the five days to discuss the child's return and how best this can be supported.

When a child is permanently excluded but is in the same foster home, the Social Worker should speak to the Local Education Authority to find another school placement. In the case of permanent exclusion, a meeting of the school governors will be held within fifteen days to review the decision. If the meeting decides to uphold the decision to permanently exclude, an appeal can be made within fifteen school days. TACT (The Adolescent and Children's Trust) may be able to offer you some additional support in this area, for instance by asking one of the Children's Resource Workers to be involved during periods of exclusion.

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More information can be found on the NYCC website page for the Exclusion of Pupils

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