Attachment Aware Schools

All pupils need to feel safe and secure before their minds are free to learn.

This goes for any Young Person - whether they have disruption from divorcing parents, a family bereavement or a Child in Care.

By building the principles into mainstream school pedagogy, child mental health and low level disruption within class can be minimised, improving learning for all young people.

Training for whole school staff is the most effective way of  achieving success, as all staff can influence child security and positive feelings of being valued.

The NYCC Educational Psychologists can offer this training, as can PAC-UK.

Useful Links

Attachment Aware Schools.

Understand the issues around Attachment, what it's like from a child's and school's point of view and some resources that can be used to build relationships.

An Introduction to Attachment and the implications for Learning and Behaviour.

Online training-

what is Attachment?

Why do educators need to know about Attachment?

What can School Leaders do about it?


Offering advice and training to schools, support groups, carers and multi-agency professionals on a range of issues, especially for those adopted or in care.

Place 2 Be

Offers training to 235 Primary and Secondary schools, counselling to pupils, school staff, families and siblings throughout the country.