Elective Home Education

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For advice and resources about homeschooling in the UK please visit https://www.educationotherwise.org/

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic and the national and local increase in EHE the DfE have issued new guidance. In response to this new guidance NYCC have identified Sarah Fawcett, Lead for Medical Education Service (MES), to take a lead role in coordinating the new pathway which can be found here.

If you are considering EHE your child please contact the Lead for Medical Education Service Sarah.Fawcett@northyorks.gov.uk 

If you are already EHE your child you can contact the Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 780 780 or at Children&families@northyorks.gov.uk 

Elective Home Education - New Guidance and Processes Effective from June 2016

In this country, parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that their children receive a suitable education.  Most parents choose to use schools but some prefer home education.  

It is the legal right of parents to educate their children at home if they so wish and North Yorkshire County Council's Children and Young People's Service wishes to work co-operatively with those parents who make this choice.

Where Children are Registered with a School

Parents of a child who is registered at a maintained or independent school must inform the school formally by writing to the Headteacher stating their intention to de-register their child from the school and to instead home educate.  If a parent does not inform the Headteacher in writing, a child may remain on roll and the parent may be liable to prosecution for non-attendance.

Schools' Responsibilities

The below EHE Policy and Guidance sets out in detail the responsibilities a school has in respect of where a parent/carer decides to remove a child from a school and move to education at home.  

This sets out what is required in respect of schools responsibilities to and contact with:

  • the parents/carers
  • the Local Authority
  • The EHE3 form: Part 1 is to be completed in all cases and we would ask that this process is followed by all sectors of schools when they become aware of a child moving to EHE - e.g. maintained, independent, academy, special
  • Guidance on completing the CommonTransfer File  (CTF)
  • Documentation that should accompany the notification. 


If you require assistance in respect of EHE please contact the Area Prevention Manager from your local team.

Useful Downloads

EHE3 Form - Joint School Notification and FOW Home Visit

Elective Home Education Guidance for Parents and Carers

Elective Home Education Resources for Parents and Carers

Elective Home Education Policy and Procedures