Out of the box museums resource

Out of the Box!

Museums are amazing repositories of wonderful artefacts and curiosities. We want to get museum objects into the community. We’re on a mission to get Ryedale’s objects talked about!

You might work in a school, with a community group or in a care home. Wherever you’re from, we hope you’ll find things of interest.

Why objects?

Objects are great for stimulating creativity and debate, developing vocabulary, triggering memories and making connections. They’re also tangible, so they allow us to form a real connection with the past, helping us to understand the people who used them before us.

In reminiscence contexts, objects are also great for unlocking memories.

Why talk?

Talking is great! But talk is not always equal. These resources will provide the people in your groups and classes with opportunities to express opinions and grow in confidence. We want all voices to count.

We have developed some notes to help group leaders understand the objects, as well as a series of ‘talking points’ or questions to help your groups to chat.

Not all the talking points will be relevant for every group, and you’ll probably think of your own questions too. 

Our key areas

As part of the project we have four key areas to focus on.

Tips for talk with young people

Read our tips for talk with young people


This project has been developed by Make More Arts in conjunction with Ryedale District Council. Thanks to all those people and organisations who have taken part and given time to support the development of these resources.