North Yorkshire SACRE

Each relevant local authority must establish a permanent body called a standing advisory council on religious education (SACRE). The North Yorkshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education meets at least three times a year.

The purpose of SACRE is to advise North Yorkshire  Council on what needs to be done to support and improve religious education and collective worship for schools in its area.

The SACRE employs the wide range of knowledge, skills and experience represented in its membership to provide information, advice and support to the local authority and its schools on matters relating to:

  • Religious Education
  • Collective worship
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Community cohesion.

SACRE Membership, composition, group representation, roles and responsibilities

Who attends the SACRE meetings?

A SACRE is set up to represent a balance of all the interests of the local community. you are likely to find elected councillors, representative of faith communities and members of the education community ( including teachers and head teachers) at a SACRE meeting.  There may also be people representing teacher training in RE and local Academies.

SACRE members join one of the four groups as a full member or if you have been co-opted to serve on SACRE, you will not be formally linked to any of the groups.

How is membership decided?

The structure of the SACRE is defined by law. It is made up of four groups, sometimes referred to by some SACREs as committees. Details such as the specific numbers of members in each of the groups will usually be set out in the individual SACRE’s constitution. These are frequently decided by the LA, depending on local circumstances and in collaboration with the organisations and communities represented.

The composition of SACRE

Group A The Christian denominations and other religions and their denomination, reflecting the principal religions of the area

Group B The Church of England

Group C Teacher and head teacher associations and often others representing education interests

Group D The Local Authority


To find out the current membership of North Yorkshire SACRE please visit here

Useful Downloads

North Yorkshire SACRE Terms of Reference and Procedures

SACRE Guidance to Schools on Collective Worship

Ramadan Briefing for North Yorkshire Schools 2023

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Ramadan Briefing 2024

SACRE Annual Reports

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Agenda papers and minutes of SACRE Meetings

Agenda papers and minutes of North Yorkshire SACRE meetings can be found here


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