ICT in schools

Schools ICT is the North Yorkshire Education Services delivery partner for all ICT related matters for schools.  We are dedicated to helping you benefit from the best ICT solutions for your school's current and future needs.  Over our 25 years we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of professional services to help you choose, use and learn. 

What I want is....

Our approach is different to other suppliers.  Through adopting the ICT Development Pathways approach we help guide you through a journey from where you are now to where you want to be in, say, five years time. Along the way we help you explore options and solutions to answer the main questions of "What I want is....

  • to get my money's worth from my ICT investment

  • my ICT to just work

  • my ICT to be an enabler. I want teachers to be confident in using ICT in the classroom. I want children to embed ICT in their learning. I want ICT to improve management decisions.

Our solutions

When we provide our customers with a pathway we consider current and future ICT needs alongside external factors such as on-going improvements to software, new or improved hardware, better ways to access and use the internet, and new advice or directives from governmental and professional bodies.  

So if you have ever ask the question "What I want is....." then we're here to help with all things Software, Support, Infrastructure and Training.



Schools ICT
Email: schoolsict@northyorks.gov.uk
Tel: 01609 536086