Forms and Stationery

In this section you can submit a request for stationery or download commonly used forms for finance and HR related requests.

Some forms can be completed online by using the links below.

Authorisation to work on site and completion of work forms Request these forms from  health& or by calling the Health & Safety Risk Management Unit on 01609 532589.
Request use of a minibus Request use of a minibus from Integrated Passenger Transport

Schools finance journal

Submit a schools finance journal request by completing this online form

Download journal template form (updated May 2019)

Schools finance query Submit a schools finance query by completing this online form
Stationery requisition form

Request schools' stationery by completing this online form

T6B - monthly claim for travel allowances Download T6B- Monthly Claim for Travel Allowances
T6C - staff travelling - car user input Download T6C- Staff travelling- car user input
ED9 - details of postages sent on behalf of LA Document to log details of postage on behalf of the local authority.
ED15 - private calls/telephone return Private calls return form.
ED18 - reimbursement claim/payment form Download ED18- Reimbursement Claim/Payment Form
ED18A - claim for interview expenses Download ED18A- Application for Interview Expenses
H1 - H4 - application for hire of educational premises or grounds Download H1-H4- Application for Hire of Educational Premises or Grounds
SA25 - return of children admitted to school, left school or changed address Download SA25- Return of Children Admitted to School, Left School or Changed Address
Inventory template Download Inventory Template
School income record template Download Income Record Template
School Meals Arrears Procedure Download School Arrears Procedures
T15 & T16 - cheque redirection form and urgent cheque instruction form Download T15-T16- Cheque Redirection Form and Urgent Cheque Instruction Form