School Policy for Children in Care

The NYCC Model School Policy for Children in Care promotes the educational attainment, achievement, progression and welfare of Children in the care of North Yorkshire, whether they attend a North Yorkshire school or an Out-of-Authority school and for all Children in the care of other local authorities who attend North Yorkshire County Council schools. The local authority has a statutory role to play for all children in its care and acts as a Corporate Parent.

Children in Care (CiC) are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.  The majority of CiC have suffered a disrupted childhood and experienced adverse events.  It is nationally recognised that there is considerable educational under-achievement, with CiC, when compared to their peers. CiC often achieve poor exam success rates in comparison with the general population. Fewer Children in Care progress to Higher Education or follow progression pathways that will lead to future economic success and well-being.

Schools are welcome to use and amend the model school policy, available on the below link, for their own use.

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NYCC Model School Policy for Children in Care