Road Safety

North Yorkshire road safety and active travel team addresses school travel issues by promoting the use of walking, cycling and public transport for journeys to school. All schools in North Yorkshire have now developed a school travel plan. We can help schools to update their travel plans.

In addition, the Education and Inspections Act 2006 states that we have a duty to promote sustainable school travel, and consider improvements to facilities and infrastructure.

There are three aspects to Sustainable Schools:

  • Curriculum - schools can use the curriculum to cultivate the knowledge, values and skills needed to address travel and traffic issues, and reinforce this through positive activities in the school and the local area.
  • Campus - schools can review the impact of their travel behaviour, and establish policies and facilities for promoting safe walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport to lessen their environmental impact and promote healthier lifestyles.
  • Community - schools can use their communications, services, contracts and partnerships to promote awareness of travel decisions.

The rising number of vehicles on the roads leads to congestion, increased road accidents and pollution. During term time, cars on the school run account for 16 per cent of early morning traffic and a measurable increase in pollutants such as carbon monoxide near schools. Active travel is important to help young people to start to learn independence and road safety skills.

Daily exercise is vital for health and walking or cycling to school is great way to contribute to this. It provides a valuable boost to fitness levels, increasing pupil concentration and instilling positive habits for life.

What resources and activities are available?

  • Road Safety in the Primary Curriculum and Road safety in the Secondary Curriculum;
  • Bikeability scheme;
  • School council activities: support and guidance is available to get your school council involved in meaningful projects;
  • National events: take part in School Walking Week or Bike Week;
  • Assemblies: themed assemblies
  • Lesson ideas and activities on sustainable travel.

Visit the Roadwise [new window]  website for information and activities. There is a teacher's area for lesson ideas.

Register on the North Yorkshire page of Modeshift STARS

Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools) is a national schools awards scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

 Modeshift STARS is not a new initiative for schools, it is simply a new and improved method of planning, monitoring and reporting on activities that are delivered to increase levels of sustainable transport. It therefore compliments all other existing travel to school initiatives by acting as an umbrella scheme that rewards schools for taking part in them.

Weblinks [new window] provides information and activities with regard to travel for people living, working or visiting North Yorkshire

Road Safety GB Website [new window]

On these pages you will find details of a range of resources available for road safety educational purposes.

Think Website [new window]

Government 'Think' road safety website

Globaleye Website [new window]

Has a number of simple interactive tasks that could be done online or printed out / adapted to a lesson.

Letter about changes to Bikeability



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