Education Settings Emergency Plan

Following learning from the Covid-19 pandemic and emergent threats such as the risk of cyber-attacks, the North Yorkshire Council Resilience and Emergencies Team have developed a new Emergency Plan template for Education, Childcare and Children’s Social Care settings.

The Emergency Plan template pack is available to all schools and academies on CYPS Info and includes:

  • An Emergency Plan template including specific scenario action cards;
  • Emergency Planning Guidance detailing how to complete the Emergency Plan template and general tips on preparing for emergencies;
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ training slides; and
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ table-top exercises to help test your plan.

It’ll never happen to us

Emergencies which can impact education settings are numerous and can range from severe weather events to utility outages and power cuts. Some of the worst disasters in UK history have directly impacted education settings including the Aberfan disaster in 1966, whereby a collapse of a colliery spoil tip engulfed a junior school, to the Dunblane massacre. And of course, in recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to monumental changes to education practices.


Benefits of Preparing for Emergencies

By preparing for an emergency your education setting will be better equipped to:

  • identify possible emergencies and put measures in place to prevent them;
  • continue the provision of education during an emergency;
  • assist pupils and staff in recovering from an emergency;
  • maintain or even increase the reputation of your establishment.

By having an Emergency Plan, your education setting should be better prepared to respond to emergencies; ensuring pupils and staff are supported and routines can be returned to as swiftly as possible.

For more information and further support in developing your Emergency Plan, please contact


Useful Documents

Emergency Plan Template SEPT 23

Emergency Planning Guidance

Annex A - NYC Emergency Contact Directory Sept23


Emergency Plan Training

Training and Exercise Plans Below:

Exercise Plan 

Emergency Plan Training

Tabletop Exercise - Flood

Tabletop Exercise - Flood Facilitators Notes

Tabletop Exercise - Food Poisoning

Tabletop Exercise - Food Poisoning Facilitators Notes

Tabletop Exercise - Smoke Plume

Tabletop Exercise - Smoke Plume Facilitators Notes