In the Children and Young People's Service we are committed to providing a high standard of service and try to do the best we can with the resources available. We welcome your feedback or suggestions, particularly when things have gone well or someone has gone the extra mile to help you.

Sometimes, however, you may feel that things could have been handled in a better way or a mistake has been made. When this happens we will try to resolve the issues you raise informally but, if this is not possible, the County Council has a formal complaints procedure which you can follow. If your complaint relates to a children's social care case, it will be handled under the children's social care complaints procedure which is slightly different.

The County Council's complaints procedure has two stages as follows:

Stage 1
We will try to deal with your complaint informally.

Stage 2
If you have contacted the relevant officer but they have not been able to put things right, or you are not happy with the way they handled your complaint, the next step is for you to contact the CYPS complaints team either in writing, by email or telephone - see below for details..

If you are still unhappy with the way your complaint was dealt with or feel you were treated unfairly, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman.

You can find out more about the complaints procedures on the North Yorkshire County Council website.