Admissions Arrangements

North Yorkshire County Council is the admissions authority for all maintained community and voluntary controlled schools across the county, this means that the Authority is the body responsible for setting and applying the admission arrangements for these schools. For foundation, trust or voluntary aided schools, the governing body is the admission authority. For Academies, the academy trust is the admission authority.

The term admission arrangements are applied to the overall procedure, practices and over subscription or admissions criteria used in deciding the allocation of school places.

Over subscription/admissions criteria is the list of criteria and admission authority must adopt for its schools which are only used when the school is oversubscribed (i.e. when there are more applicants than the number of places available), they enable the admissions authority to assess which children will be offered a place.

The admission arrangements including admission policies for Community and Voluntary Controlled primary and secondary Schools and for nursery schools and schools with nursery or pre-reception classes, Published Admission Numbers and the Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements including Selection Scheme are determined each year by the County Council.

The Local Authority has a duty to publish, on its website, the admission arrangements for all schools and academies. Any school which is its own admission authority (i.e. the governing body are responsible for admission arrangements) and academies must also publish their own admission arrangements on their website if they have one.

In addition to publishing admission arrangements for all schools the Local Authority must publish a composite prospectus for parents. This prospectus which we refer to as ' A Guide for Parents' contains information about each maintained school and Academy in North Yorkshire.

Key dates for Primary school admissions

Monday 15th January 2018 is the deadline to apply for a primary school place.

Monday 16th April 2018 is National Offer Day when primary school places are allocated. (No information on the school place allocated should be shared with parents before that date).

Further information about admission arrangements can be found here:


Admissions Team
Tel: 01609 533679

Admissions Policies

Appendix 1: Admissions Policy for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2017/18

Appendix 1: Admissions Policy for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2018/19

In Year Admissions 2017/18- Key Information

In-Year Admissions 2017/18- Key Information Form

In Year Transfer: Key Information Form

Information for Parents: Changing School Part Way Through the School Year

Information for Parents: How We Process Your Primary School in-Year Request

Reception Starters

Letter to Head teachers - Reception Starters 2018

Letter to Parents - Reception Starters 2018 


Admission Arrangements 2020/2021 Consultation

  1. Explanation letter
  2. Poster for schools to post on notice board
  3. Appendix 1 – Proposed Admission Policy for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools
  4. Appendix 2 – Proposed Nursery Admission Policy
  5. Appendix 3 – Proposed Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements
  6. Appendix 4 – In-year Fair Access Protocol
  7. Appendix 5 – Proposed Primary PANs
  8. Appendix 6 – Proposed Secondary PANs
  9. Primary School response form
  10. Secondary School response form


Admission Arrangements 2021/22 Consultation

Letter concerning admissions arrangement consultation