6 - Decision Making

If you deem the pre-employment clearances to be satisfactory and they complement the information gained during the application and assessment process you should verbally contact your preferred candidate, confirm the final offer of employment and agree a start date.

An excellent selection process will make the process of choosing who to appoint more straightforward. Notes should be taken throughout the process by all panel members, and it is best to use a scoring system to decide who to recruit. The successful candidate should be the person who shows the best ability against the person specification for the role. If nobody is appointable then it is better to re-start the process rather than employ someone who does not fit with the role. The way we choose candidates should be clear and transparent, so that effective feedback can be given and decisions are easy to explain.

If you have candidates that tie or score extremely closely, then you will have to make a judgement. Please ensure that you are aware of the possible role of unconscious bias in this decision and consider the matter in an objective manner. Take time to make the decision. Performance in all elements of the process should be reviewed. Where a panel is tied and agreement can't be reached, the Chair of the panel has the deciding vote, though panels should always aim for a consensus decision.

You should also agree a second and possibly third choice candidate (so long as they are considered appointable) in case your preferred candidate does not accept the position.

Providing feedback to all candidates is an important part of candidate engagement and ensuring the reputation of us as an employer.  Candidates are more likely to engage and apply in future if we have engaged with them throughout the process. Agree constructive feedback for unsuccessful candidates based on their performance against the Person Specification.

Once you have decided who you want to appoint, keep all your scoring notes from the entire process. This is to ensure that the fair process through which a decision is made can be demonstrated if the outcome of your deliberations is challenged. The outcome of the selection process should be recorded and must be held for 6 months

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