Job Evaluation

Job evaluation has been established as an integral part of the grading of posts at the Council in order to achieve a fair pay structure which meets legal requirements on equal pay.

Job evaluation is a way of assessing all posts in an equitable way by applying a system which looks, in a consistent way, across the component parts of all jobs providing them with a score. The process applies to all jobs within the Council with the exception of a number of jobs on different conditions of service, e.g. teachers.

The Council uses two schemes - HAY and NJC, both of which are national schemes and well used across a large number of authorities. The Hay scheme generally applies to jobs graded Band L and above and the NJC scheme applies to jobs up to and including Band K.

Job evaluation is based on information supplied on the job either by the postholder or the manager together with a current job description and person specification.

Panels are used to evaluate jobs which are made up of staff, managers and union representatives.

Useful Downloads

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