Governor Induction

Governor Induction

Many new governors have only a little knowledge of the role and responsibilities that they are expected to undertake as a governor. In many cases the knowledge and information that they need to be effective as a governor is only obtained gradually through attendance at meetings, in discussions with other governors or through attendance at training courses.

Governing boards can do much to rectify this situation by having an effective induction programme.  Many boards use a mentor or buddy system to  guide and support new governors as they learn about their new role.


What are the key things that governors need to know?

  • How the school functions
  • The roles and responsibilities of the governing board
  • What is expected of them as a governor
  • Availability of training opportunities
    Key information/documents for new governors:
    Governance Handbook
    Competency Framework for Governance
    Understanding your Data

    For your board:
    Instrument of Government
    Code of conduct
    List of governors
    Standing orders 
    Committee structure and terms of reference
    For your school:
    School development plan
    General information about the school  - NoR, classroom organisation, assessment data, staff list, current development plan etc
  • A model induction checklist can be found here

NYCC Governors database - data collection
As a Local Authority (LA) we are required to hold a list of all governors currently supporting our North Yorkshire schools.  As such, the LA has developed a Governors' database. When you volunteered as a governor you will have completed various items of paperwork/on-line forms including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application and self-declaration. All this information is held by the school for the Governing Body you serve on.
Additionally, the Clerk for your Governing Body will hold a list of all members detailing category of governor and terms of office. This information will also be available on the school website as it is a Department for Education (DfE) mandatory requirement. The Governor Support Services has asked that your Clerk also provides the LA with this information in order that we can fulfil our responsibilities.
We wanted to make you aware that these details will be held by the LA on a Governors' Module database. This information will only be routinely accessed by LA employees e.g. Clerk, Governor Support Services. 
Additionally, if the LA undergoes an inspection from an external agency e.g. Ofsted we will also be required to make the data available to them.
Importantly, this data will not be shared with organisations outside the LA (other than in the situation outlined above) and it will not be used to generate any communications.
For Further Information Please Contact
Tel: 01609 798864