2 - Vacancy Advertisement

The advert should seek to provide job seekers with succinct summary of the role; to engage your target audience and provide the motivation for them to apply, together with clarity regarding what you are seeking from applicants.

The best technique for writing an effective job advertisement is to promote the job as your product, and the readers of the job as your potential customers. The main aim of the job advert is to attract interest, communicate quickly and clearly the essential points, and to provide a clear response process for applying.  Any good advert will concentrate on the person as much as the role. 

Always ensure that you write an advertisement not a job description, the two things have a lot in common, but they're not the same. A job description is usually an internal document created to clarify what the role will do and to outline reporting lines. Your job advertisement should skip a lot of detail about who reports to whom, and include some sense of your company's culture and mission, the benefits you offer, and most importantly why it's a great place to work.

If the current post holder is leaving, don't just replace like for like but take the time to ensure that you really need to fill this role, or decide if the job needs redefining to meet all the essential requirements.

If you need any advice or support with your advertising contact Resourcing Solutions at NYES.Resourcing@northyorks.gov.uk or 01609 535585.

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