Financial Management Services to Schools

What we offer

Our flexible services offer a range of financial support for maintained schools and academies across the region.


MATs or single academies can purchase from a range of services whether they are looking for day to day transactional support, financial planning and monitoring, or whether they are looking for a more strategic level of support to give peace of mind and ensure compliance.  Academies can also tailor their package to suit their own needs, or choose from one of our value added services.

Maintained Schools

Schools can purchase from our range of services from full or partial bursar support covering a wide range of financial tasks, or they can opt for a more strategic level of support to complement existing expertise in school.  Schools can also tailor their package to suit their own needs, or choose from one of our value added services.

Network and Knowledge

Why not join our school and academy network which gives you access to policies, funding calculators, CPD opportunities, regular newsletters and updates?

Staff Absence Scheme

Our staff absence is available to North Yorkshire and York schools and academies and works on a not-for profit co-operative basis.  This allows you to choose from a range of cover options giving you peace of mind and resilience.

School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs)

We supply SRMAs to the DfE as part of their strategy for supporting excellent school resource management.  SRMAs are expert practitioners, who provide peer-to-peer, tailored advice to individual trusts and schools, working with them to identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies, and helping them to strengthen financial governance and oversight.

Why choose us?

Our trusted and highly skilled team are here to provide you with any financial management support you need.
Choice: Our range of financial services are designed with flexibility in mind and can be packaged to suit your specific needs.

Experienced: With over 30 years’ experience our finance specialists have expert knowledge of school and academy financial management that is second to none.

Excellence: We combine consistent, first-rate service with effective performance management, and our service quality monitoring enables us to stay at our best.

Trusted: Excellent and consistent high levels of school customer satisfaction make us one of the most trusted providers of financial services to schools and academies.

Forward-looking: Our experts can provide you with early insight into local and national school financial developments making sure you have the right information to make the right decisions.

Further Information

Further details on our services offered can be found here: or you can email us on if you would like more information.