Everybody Benefits

As part of our ongoing commitment to make North Yorkshire Council an employer of choice, we are committed to providing a comprehensive benefits package that recognises and rewards your contribution to the organisation and the community we serve.

Everybody Benefits (https://northyorks.vivup.co.uk/)

This is a website that provides access to discounts and schemes exclusively for NYC staff. It provides simple online access to a range of discounts and offers off a wide range of high street retailers, including savings on your everyday shopping as well as holidays and other leisure and health and wellbeing offers.

You can also access it by downloading the Vivup app on your mobile device.  You will find improved discounts on many of the most popular categories for shopping on this platform. 

A range of Local suppliers across North Yorkshire are also offering discounts.

To register on the Everybody Benefits site go to https://northyorks.vivup.co.uk/All other NYC salary sacrifice schemes, details below, can be accessed through the site .  The new scheme also now allows you to order a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme at any time throughout the year. 

Further details about each of the schemes are available by visiting the Everybody Benefits website.

A flyer for distribution to staff is available below:

Employee Benefits Platform - Jan 21

Childcare Voucher Salary Sacrifice

The scheme is closed to new members but staff who have already joined will continue to make savings should they choose to remain in the scheme.  Information is available via the Everybody Benefits platform.

The provider of the scheme is now with Edenred and the NYC scheme ID Number is NORT2678.  The vouchers are available for children of all ages up to 15, or 16 if they are disabled. Things that count as childcare include Holiday & School Clubs, Nurseries, Nannies or anything else that is registered and regulated by your regional governing body.

Follow this link to access Government guidance on what help individuals could get with childcare costs.

Employee Home Technology Salary Sacrifice

The home technology salary sacrifice scheme is provided by Let's Connect (via the Everybody Benefits website). The home technology scheme allows you to take advantage of savings on pension contributions as well as the appeal of spreading the cost of high value items direct from salary without having the delve into savings or use a credit card.  Other benefits include; delivery straight to your chosen address, no credit checks or deposits, full warranty, helpline support and the cost spread over 36 months.  Due to restrictions within national terms and conditions (in the STPCD) this scheme is not open to teaching staff.

The scheme includes access to a broad range of technology products to suit today’s lifestyle needs, including: • The latest Apple Mac, MacBook and iPad range • Computers from Lenovo and Microsoft • Bestselling Apple AirPods and other headphones • The latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung and more • Fitness wearables from Apple, Samsung and Fitbit • Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony games console bundles • Ultra HD 4K Smart TVs from LG and Samsung • Digital audio from Bang and Olufsen, JBL, Sonos & more • Smart home, small domestic appliances, garden equipment and much more.

The Green Car Scheme

The Green Car Scheme, through Tusker, offers employees the opportunity to pay for a new discounted low emission lease car. As well as being beneficial to the environment it means you can configure a brand new car from scratch, complete with insurance, road tax, replacement tyres, routine servicing and maintenance, as well as RAC breakdown cover, for a fixed monthly amount. The amount is taken directly from your salary via a salary sacrifice arrangement, so you don’t even need to worry about setting up any direct debits or paying any deposits.

Need a car quickly? Although the cars on the scheme are built to your exact specification, which can mean longer delivery times, Tusker do also have a ‘Cars in Stock’ page which shows cars that although can’t be configured to your requirements, are in stock for a quick delivery time. Plus, there’s never been a better time to drive electric. Electric cars on the scheme are the most tax efficient cars available due to the low Benefit in Kind tax on them. So it’s worth considering whether an electric car would suit you as there are some great models out there with good ranges. At the end of the 36 months you can choose to return the vehicle, order a new one or obtain a quote to purchase the vehicle.  Due to restrictions within national terms and conditions (in the STPCD) this scheme is not open to teaching staff.

Tusker Green Car Scheme Brochure

Cycle to work Scheme

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government initiative that not only encourages physical activity and alternative travel, it also reduces our environmental impact and helps save money. Employees can apply to hire a bicycle and/or safety equipment with no upper ceiling value (subject to eligibility checks) from a choice of over 500 brands at over 1,200 participating local bike stores across the UK and the UK’s leading specialist Evans Cycles and Cycle Solutions. Vivup have the UKs largest range of cycles available through a cycle to work scheme with a full range of bikes including electric, road, mountain, folding, hybrid and accessible bikes.

How much could I save?

The cost of the bike and equipment is spread across 12 months using deductions from gross salary, which can achieve savings of between 33 per cent and 42 per cent in tax and national insurance! Terms are agreed on application including 12 months of deductions from your gross salary and then a final transfer of ownership charge (five per cent of value ordered).
Click through to the Everybody Benefits site, to browse bikes and find out more about the savings you could make on this scheme.

How can I apply?

The scheme is open to all employees (subject to eligibility checks) including teachers, the scheme is now open all year round. The online bicycle / equipment application provides a certificate which can be redeemed within 60 days in combination with acceptable photographic ID e.g. ID badge, passport or driving licence at bike shops across North Yorkshire.

Health cash plan

As part of our collection of staff health and wellbeing benefits through our Everybody Benefits platform, a new Health Cash Plan through our partners, Vivup and Touchpoint, is now available which is utilising the underwriter, BHSF.

The Touchpoint BHSF Health Plan  benefits are outlined below with key areas highlighted that differ to plans previously made available to NYCC employees. 

New Touchpoint BHSF Plan

  • Premiums payable by payroll start from £8.72 per month
  • You can claim 100% of most everyday healthcare costs including the dentist and optician up to a maximum annual benefit allowance
  • There is no upper age limit for cover although personal accident benefits reduce at the age of 75
  • Hospital inpatient claims for pre-existing medical conditions are covered immediately
  • There is no initial qualifying period (apart from the maternity/paternity benefit) so for everything else, you can claim immediately
  • Dental treatment claims can be made for £75-£265 per year (depending on plan level) and for 100% of the receipt amount
  • Claims for eye tests, glasses and contact lenses can be made for £75-£265 per year (depending on plan level) and for 100% of the receipt amount

In order to explore the plan further – you can either log onto the Everybody Benefits platform or contact the employee helpdesk at customerservice@touchpointeb.com or 0345 548 4106 for further assistance.

Financial wellbeing - fairer finance

Neyber is an organisation which NYC works with as part of our commitment to the financial wellbeing of staff at work.  Creating an account gives employees unlimited access to articles, calculators and tools relevant to their personal financial situation, as well as support on any budgeting challenges.  Further information is available at www.neyber.co.uk/nycc.

Financial Wellbeing Scheme poster


North Yorkshire Council Corporate Leisure Membership

All NYC employees can benefit from a discount of between 10-20% off memberships at local leisure centres.

NYC Corporate Leisure Membership Discount Information