Closedown of Accounts


This section includes guidance and procedures for schools to follow at Year End to closedown the school accounts. This includes the closedown timetable and information provided by the FMS Team for Year End on RM Finance and the School Fund.

In this section you will find useful information in relation to all aspects of year end and closedown of school accounts including:-

  • Year End Requirements and Timetable
  • Closedown Guidance and Procedures
  • Requirements following the Final Oracle Prints

Useful downloads

RM Finance - Closing Down the 17-18 Year

Schools Closedown letter and Guidance 2017-18

School Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) code list for financial year 2017-18

Capital Balance Pro-forma 2017-18 to be completed and returned to Integrated Finance by 16th March 2018 as per the Schools Closedown letter and Guidance 2017-18

Bank Account for Schools (BAFS) Timetable for 2018-19