Children and Young People's Voice

The Children and Young People's Voice page: listening to the voice of all learners - home for pupil and student participation and engagement in North Yorkshire Youth Councils, Student Councils, Young People's Councils, student voice and pupil voice in schools, Flying High Group, MEA/ Minority Ethnic Achievement. It's all about improving children and young people's participation and engagement in all aspects of provision in school and the community and giving children and young people a voice and enabling them to make a difference.

North Yorkshire County Council are committed to children and young people's engagement and participation in decision making. Children and young people have a right to influence decisions which are made on their behalf and we will support them to do this. We believe that through active engagement and involvement our services will be improved and that we will become more responsive to children and young people's needs. We also value the other benefits which can come to communities and individuals through being more actively involved in local decision making.

This page includes

  • the student voice toolkit, supplemental resources, case studies, resources and links to partner groups and agencies
  • links to: student voice and pupil voice in schools, Youth Councils, Student Councils in schools, Young People's Council for children in care, the Flying High Group for disabled young people, supporting the needs of vulnerable young people such as through MEA/ Minority Ethnic Achievement and more.

Useful documents

VIP Newsletter - Summer 2017

Student Voice Toolkit

The Promise


North Yorkshire Young People's Council


Student Voice: Education and Skills

Tel: 01609 798554

North Yorkshire's Flying High Group for disabled children and young people

Tel: 01609 798727 Ext: 8727

Voice, Influence and Participation Team

Contacts for information on North Yorkshire's strategy to increase the engagement and participation of children and young people.

Role Name Email
Chair Jon Coates
Lead Marc Mason
VIP Team Leader (West) Kevin Jeffery
VIP Team Leader (East) Kathy Peacock