Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education is a statutory subject for all pupils aged 5-18. North Yorkshire maintained community, foundation and voluntary controlled schools without a religious character must follow the North Yorkshire RE Agreed Syllabus (see download below).

Denominational voluntary aided schools with a religious character are not required to use the Agreed Syllabus, but must follow the requirements of their trust deed or the tenets of their denomination, where the trust deed does not specify requirements. All academies are required, through their funding agreements, to teach RE to all pupils. For academies without a religious character, this will be the locally agreed syllabus. For faith academies, this will depend on the wishes of the sponsor.

Religious Education in North Yorkshire is supported by SACRE (The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) and the School Improvement Service. Subject leader network meetings are available for primary and secondary subject leaders and a Developing Primary RE course runs each year for teachers new to leading RE. All courses can be booked through

SACRE have decided to extend the life of the current RE Agreed Syllabus until September 2019.

The Agreed Syllabus is supported by 19 units of learning and a number of guidance documents on aspects such as assessment, religious terminology and delivering high quality RE. These can be found at  under the resources tab. They are free to schools signed up to the Service Level Agreement and can be purchased by other schools.

SACRE also provide schools with guidance on Collective Worship and visiting places of worship. (See below).

For further support with RE contact Rebecca Swift, Equalities Adviser (

Useful Downloads

New North Yorkshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus for RE 2019 - launch event.


1:RE Agreed Syllabus

Progression Ladder

NYCC R.E. Agreed Syllabus 2013-2018

North Yorkshire SACRE: Letter to Schools on Survey and Support for RE

P-Scales Assessment Criteria for Religious Education (PAABARN)


2:Collective Worship Guidance

NYCC SACRE: Guidance to Schools on Collective Worship

Appendix 1: Collective Worship Model Policy

Appendix 2: Determination Guidance

Appendix 3: Collective Worship Themes

Appendix 4: Self Evaluation Toolkit for Collective Worship


3: Other North Yorkshire Guidance

NYCC SACRE Guidance on Organising Visit to Places of Worship (2015)

North Yorkshire SACRE Guidance on organising visits to places of worship May 2015

Sample letter in response to a parent withdrawing their child form a visit to a place of worship


4: National Guidance

R.E in English Schools: Non-Statutory Guidance 2010

Religious Believers in Schools: Guidance and Code of Conduct


5: Newsletters

Autumn 2017 Equalities, Well-being and PSHE Updates

Spring 2018 Equalities, Well-being and PSHE Newsletter

Late Summer 2018 Newsletter



North Yorkshire SACRE Annual Report 20016-2017

Ramadan Briefing for North Yorkshire Schools 2019