Young Parents

Becoming a parent at a young age doesn’t have to mean the end of education and hope for a future career. Schools have an important role to play in supporting pupils who become parents and ensuring that their educational aspirations are maintained.

Schools will find the Department for Education’s Guidance on the Education of School Age Parents document useful to refer to when they discover that a girl of compulsory school age is pregnant. The document also provides advice on supporting young fathers and young fathers-to-be.

Public Health England and the Local Government Association have developed a framework for supporting teenage mothers and young fathers. Schools may find the contents of this document useful, particularly pages 36 and 37, in helping them identify the needs of young parents and evidence based ways that they can support them.

Local Services for Children and Young People in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Teenage Pregnancy Programme

The 0-5 Healthy Child Service Team and Prevention Service work together to offer the North Yorkshire Teenage Pregnancy Programme; a package of support for every pregnant teenager and teenage parent in the county. Professionals can refer young parents to the Teenage Pregnancy Programme by completing the “Referral to Children and Family Service” form or by calling the Customer Resolution Centre single point of contact on 01609 780780. Parents, carers and young people themselves can access support and information from the Teenage Pregnancy Programme staff by calling the Customer Resolution Centre single point of contact on 01609 780780.

Useful Documents

Guidance on Education of School Aged Parents

Framework for Supporting Teenage Mothers and Young Fathers

Young Parenting Programme: Harrogate and District

Young Parenting Programme: Information for Professionals