Traded School Business Management Service

The traded school business management service is offered by the FMS Team as an optional addition to FMS Bursar Services. Schools can purchase an additional number of hours on an annual basis to be added to their bursar service contract.

Typically an additional 60 to 150 hours will enable your FMS Support Officer to be in school on a more frequent basis and to undertake strategic school business management tasks in addition to the financial management tasks already undertaken. In order to ensure that this time is focused on the activities which will provide the greatest benefit to your school a work planning and prioritisation exercise is undertaken initially to identify the key work areas to be undertaken.

Examples of the types of task which can be undertaken by the service include:

  • Management of procurement processes
  • Ensuring best value is received through proactive contract management
  • Project management and co-ordination
  • Preparation of bids for external funding
  • Reviewing, updating and developing non-curriculum policies
  • Review and management of employee contracts and personnel records
  • Facilitation of HR processes e.g. recruitment, performance management, absence management etc.
  • Liaison with other school support services
  • Liaison with the Clerk to Governors to with regard to agendas and information provision.

Some feedback from customers is as follows:

  • Financial savings have been achieved in a number of schools in relation to procurement exercises and contract management. Examples include: multi functional devices (savings of £1400 to £4000 per annum), cleaning contract review (saving of £2000 per annum) and school heating system review (saving of £800 per annum)
  • A number of funding bid applications have been undertaken. Examples include a Resources Fund, a bid for external funding for a garden project and an application for a disabled access grant.
  • The service is enabling headteachers to be able to provide more focus on the leadership of teaching and learning in school.
  • The service is improving the business and governance operations in school in relation to HR processes, policy management, project management and liaison with other school support services

The service is delivered by the same FMS Support Officer who is delivering the FMS Bursar Service in school in order to ensure continuity of service and integration of the strategic aspects of the school's management. The FMS Support Officers delivering the service will have participated in a targeted training programme related to school business management in the North Yorkshire context, as well as a number of them having formal management training, qualifications and experience.