Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 'Books' used in Local Government Service.

There are a number of national collective agreements covering the various types of workers in local government service. These are referred to as 'books', which are updated periodically, and are designated by colour as follows: -

Green Book - Covers NJC staff, who are the majority of local government employees, including school based support staff, and are best described as anyone who doesn't fall into the other categories. Nowadays local authorities have discretion to negotiate separately on a number of terms and conditions and so NYCC also has a local collective agreement with Unison.

Burgundy Book - Covers the non - statutory terms and conditions of teachers, both those employed in schools and those employed centrally.

Orange Book - Covers teachers in residential establishments

Blue Book (School Teachers Pay and Conditions document) - This document is not a collective agreement but covers the statutory terms for all teachers including pay. It is updated annually.

Useful downloads

NJC Leave Entitlements and TTO Values - 1.4.20

Fixed Term Contract Guidance for Schools and Academies

Continuous Service Guidance for Schools and Academies

Academy Terms and Conditions Decision Sheet

Working Time Regulations Summary

NYCC Collective agreement - NJC, Soulbury and JNC - 2018/2019

NYCC Collective agreement - NJC, Soulbury and JNC - 2019/2020

Contract selection flowchart

Contract selection Toolkit

Green book

Part 4.12 - covering circular

Burgundy book

Orange book

School Teachers' Pay & Conditions Document 2020

Term-time Working Arrangements

NYCC has agreed formal arrangements for the calculation of pay and leave for term-time employees.  These take effect from 1 September 2020 for support staff within maintained schools and are based on the principles incorporated into the nationally agreed Green Book.  These arrangements and some additional resources are available below to help schools communicate and embed the changes:

NYHR News - Pay and Pensions Special

NYCC Term-time Working Arrangements - September 2020

Implementing term-time working arrangements - Actions for schools

Term-time working - FAQs for current employees

Term-time working - FAQs for new employees

Pay and Pensions Webinar slides