Strategic Planning, Performance and Financial Modelling

Strategic Planning and Performance Framework

The Children & Families service is high performing by design. We have a strong performance culture and a robust performance management framework that supports ambition, improvement and innovation through continuous challenge and reinforcement of strong practice. We are passionate about using data and research to improve outcomes for children and young people and have pioneered innovative ways to achieve this, reimagining our use of data to support the pursuit of excellence.

Our performance improvement, strategy development and effective leadership place considerable emphasis on research and data analytics to support intelligence led working. We have embraced integration of research (both academic and practice led), alongside performance data and service context. We believe in learning from the best national and international research and practice. To support this we have developed relationships within the sector and with leading Universities and Think Tanks.

We produce a range of data and analytical products designed to make complex data easy to understand. We continue to successfully develop techniques for ensuring our audience receives the information they need in a format which is easily digestible and focusses the attention of the audience on critical factors.

Based on the LA needs, the North Yorkshire offer would provide input to support:

  • Forensic data analysis - interrogation of data sets to determine areas for improvement and further enquiry
  • Development and/ or production of bespoke performance scorecards and analytical products, including needs analyses, to support performance management and drive service improvement. These products are underpinned by the integration of research, data analysis and performance context within services and partnerships
  • Service development - support in the creation of a performance infrastructure that supports a strong performance culture; facilitation of performance conversations and self-assessments that drive service change; alignment with quality assurance processes
  • Intelligence led strategic and operational development and planning - ensuring strong strategic alignment within and across organisations to improve outcomes for children and young people

Financial Modelling

North Yorkshire has ensured a financial literacy and acumen to provide support to financial modelling, analysis and planning in the social care domain. Alongside data and performance analysis this has had a strong impact in driving culture change and an alternative financial mind-set. The North Yorkshire finance team, alongside service managers, through objective analysis has offered challenge and gatekeeping back to the teams.

Outcomes achieved:

  • No agency staff
  • Gatekeeping stronger therefore better outcomes for children
  • Reduced looked after children
  • Reduced external placements
  • Reduced costs achieved through medium term planning focussed on effectively meeting need not on short term financial concerns

The North Yorkshire offer would see, based on the LA needs, input from one or more of a dedicated social work / finance / strategic planning manager discussing and challenging the culture change / financial modelling / data analysis / performance / strategic planning.

This proposal would provide support to other Local Authorities as follows:

Three senior managers will provide dedicated time to other Authorities advising on social care improvement, working in Local Authorities and invitations extended to Authorities to visit North Yorkshire to enable the sharing of practice, processes and procedures.