SEN Support - Element 3

You will hopefully be aware that we ran a pilot between 1/4/18 and 31/3/19 to offer additional funding in 3 specific cases to children and young people requiring additional SEN Support.  In all cases this applies to children and young people who DO NOT have an Education Health and Care Plan.  The criteria identified were as below:

  1. Moved-in students where the information received may not be in the form of a statutory EHCP so they will be placed in their local mainstream school.  Needs may be very quickly identified and a speedy response is required from the LA to support the school whilst assessment takes place.  We anticipate this will be of particular benefit to our military families. NB: This is only situation where an EHCAR may also be submitted if you identify potential long term high needs.
  2. Transitional support.  High needs are identified at transitions (likely to be phase transitions) where the student requires additional support over and above the notional SEN allocation in order to successfully make that transition. The anticipation is that with some short term additional support for the transition, needs can be met long term at SEN Support level. We would anticipate and encourage that these requests will be made jointly between the two settings and that the funding request would reflect the support required by either or both establishments.
  3. High needs that are time limited – such as those resulting from emotional trauma or significant life events.  Additional support over and above the notional SEN allocation is identified to support the child through that period and return them to the same level of access to education as previously. The anticipation is that with some short term additional support, needs can be met long term at SEN Support level.

Following evaluation of the pilot funding programme, NYCC believe that this has been beneficial and should be taken forward as an ongoing funding resource.  We will take the evaluation paper to Schools Forum for comment and any suggestions as to process so there may be minor changes forthcoming however, we are committed to providing this going forward.  As such, we welcome further applications using the new form attached.  Please do NOT use the previous pilot funding request form.  Please only use the attached new form with 3 separate sections for each of the criteria.  The request around criteria 2 (Transitions) has been tightened as a result of the evaluation of the pilot and the form has been updated accordingly. 

Submissions will be reviewed weekly by the Head of Inclusive Support Services and the Head of Special Educational Needs.  You will receive a response within 10 working days of submission and we continue to expect completion of the SEN Support monitoring form so we can track the ongoing efficacy of this funding approach.

If you have any questions please contact the SEN Admin team

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Element 3 funding request form