15 Formulae

30 starters and or plenary activities for use in the classroom

A Comparison of Meanings of Mathematical Terms Used in  Science and Maths

A well balanced ruler

Additional - Expected attainment table grid

A-level subject take-up

Alkanes and alkenes dominoes with sound

Alkanes and alkenes dominoes

Alkanes and alkenes summary

Alkene reactions Memory Map template

Alkene reactions Memory Map

Animals including humans - key concepts

antineutrino proton collision

AQA Chemistry Wordle

AQA Controlled Assessment – Guidance on Preparing for Them

AQA Exam paper - Unit Chemistry C2 -JAN13

AQA Exam Paper -Unit Physics P2 - JAN13

atom dominoes

Bicycle problem breifing sheet

Bicycle problem

Biology GCSE

Blast furnace memory map Foundation

Blast Furnace memory map template Foundation

Brief atom

Brief bonding

Brief dominoes

Brief Fish Game

Brief formulae

Brief heart and blood vessels

Brief High-Low game

Brief Making a standard solution

Brief Making a standard solution -1

Brief Plants

Brief Plenaries

Brief Starters

Brief True false hormones

Briefing Mapping from Memory

Briefing sheet Bonding model

Briefing Sheet Electricity model starter

Briefing Sheet Electricity Model

Briefing sheet Reactivity Hi-Lo

Briefing sheet Reactivity timeline

Brief loopy starters

Brief spot the mistake

Cards Reactivity Hi-Lo (symbols)

Cells , diffusion & osmosis  complete

Chemistry progression ladder

COCOPOP pyramid

Cocopops placemat

complete beta plus emission

complete photon exchange

Conduction briefing sheet

Conduction Rolling PPT

Connectives sheet

Constructing Tables

Controlled Assessment Student booklet

Convection Sequencing Grid to cut out

Covalent and ionic bonds with sound

Covalent and ionic bonds

Discovery of the Atom briefing sheet

Dissecting an article

Electricity Key Concepts

Electron capture

Electron proton

Energy and food chains

Entry Policy and Teaching Hours at KS3 and KS4 in NY Schools

Evaluating the impact of group work


Exam Paper - Physics A - Unit A18102 Unit 1 – Modules P1 P2 P3 (Higher Tier)

Feedback sci 11-14

Feynman Diagram briefing sheet

Fishbone organiser - Based on National Strategies Resources


formulae -

formulae +

formulae cards easy

formulae cards hard

Gateway Controlled Assessment Training

GCSE Controlled Assessment - Glossary of terms for pupils

GCSE subject content - Combined Science

GCSE subject content - Single Science

genre checklists for science

Glossary loop game

Golden Rules for Group work

greenhouse worksheet

group spread sheet (1)

group work card sort

Hats Electricity Model (names and symbols)

Hats Electricity Model (symbols only)

HSW sentence builder

Improving writing using connectives

Iron memory map Higher

Iron memory map template Higher

Kc units dominoes

KS2 to KS3 transition matrix Science overall

KS2 to KS4 transition matrices all scis

KS3 Activity Sheet Unit 8 Chemical reactions distillation


KS3 CHEMICAL REACTIONS Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 ELECTRICITY Teaching and Assessment Sheet employment

KS3 ELECTRICITY Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 ENERGY Key Concepts

KS3 ENERGY Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 EVOLUTION and INHERITANCE Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 FORCES MOTION MAGNETS Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 LIGHT Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 LIVING THINGS and THEIR HABITATS Teaching and Assessment

KS3 MATERIALS Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 PLANTS Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 ROCKS Teaching and Assessment Sheet

KS3 SEASONAL CHANGES- EARTH AND SPACE Teaching and Assessment Sheet


KS3 Teaching and Assessment Sheet  - Animals inc Humans

Leaf structure memory map template

Leaf structure memory map

Life after levels 11-3-15

LIGHT Key Concepts

Literacy in Science


Living things progression ladder

Loopy naming

Loopy starter - heart and blood vessels


Making a loopy starter

Mapping from memory

Mapping from memory with sound

Mark Scheme -Physics A - Unit A18102 Unit 1 – Modules P1 P2 P3 (Higher Tier)

Mass Defect breifing sheet

MATERIALS Key Concepts

Maths Skills Needed in Science

memory map DNA template

memory map DNA

memory map electrode potentials template

memory map electrode potentials

Memory map emission spectra template

Memory map emission spectra

memory map Infra Red template

memory map infra red

Memory map uses of radiation template

Memory map uses of radiation

Model Electricity Model

Model Starter

Model feedback policy

Monitoring of Progress in Lessons

nanotech sun cream task

national curriculum consultation document


neutron decay  beta-minus

Nigella Lawson’s instant chocolate mousse

OCR 21st Century Controlled Assessment - Case Study – Guidance on Preparing for Them

OCR 21st Century Controlled Assessment – Data Analysis


other resources

P1 Exam style question-Wegener

P1 Wegener AFL activity markers guidance

P1 Wegener AFL activity

P2 global warming and ozone AFL activity markers guidance

P2 global warming and ozone AFL activity

P3 nuclear power AFL activity markers guidance

P3 Nuclear power AFL activity

Particles and Masses Cards template

PfP Writing

photon exchange


Physics GCSE

Physics. Forces Progression Ladder.

Physics. Space and Beyond Progression Ladder.

Planning Assessment without Levels

PLANTS Key Concepts Mar2014

Plenary Cards

Plotting Graphs 2

Policy writing guidance and example policy

power memory map template

power memory map

Power Stations punctuation

Power station answer

Powerpoint Bonding model

Powerpoint Reactivity timeline

Precious plants

Presentation Electricity Model

Presentation Starter

PRIMARY national curriculum -Science

Reactivity Hi-Lo Answers

Reactivity series play your cards right worksheet words

Recall that many things work by using electricity

ROCKS Key Concepts

Roots and their meanings

Ruler briefing sheet

Some tips for making a Memory Map 2

spot the mistake

Standard solution sequencing cards

Starter Cards

STEM and careers

student speak literacy placemat

summary Tweet

Sutton Trust

Talk for Learning in science progression

teacher behaviour

Temperature problem briefing sheet

Temperature problem

Testing Hypotheses


THE HIGH-LOW - card game

the pH scale - cards

The Planets- cards

The six text types skeletons

The structure of the atom

The EBC (or should it be GCSE)

toolkit-home away groups

toolkit-kims game

toolkit-organising groups

toolkit-pass the buck

toolkit-rotate expert

toolkit-secret sentences


TRUE OR FALSE - Hormones

Two metal reactions memory map template

Two metal reactions memory map


why do group work

Working scientifically Framework by levels

Working scientifically Framework by strands

Working scientifically Framework National curriculum

Worksheet Electricity model

Writing formulae using ions2

Writing formulae using ions2 with sound