Relocation, Recruitment & Retention


The Relocation policy scheme applies to employees newly appointed to, or promoted within, the Council's service. It does not apply to appointees who are offered a post on a 'casual' contract but can be applied to fixed term contracts in accordance with a number of provisions.

The purpose of this policy is to assist newly appointed members of staff, who live beyond a reasonable daily travelling distance of their new employment, to move home closer to their workplace. This is aimed at making an easier transition, enabling new employees to settle more smoothly and quickly into their new roles, to the benefit of both themselves and the Authority.

Recruitment and retention payments

It is necessary, on occasions, to pay recruitment and/or retention allowances in order to attract and retain a high standard of staff to NYC. For NJC staff these payments will take the form of a Market Pay Supplement and are in addition to the normal salary of a post or posts. Such supplements are paid where recruitment and retention problems result from the fact that the market rate for a post (the average salary paid by other employers against whom NYC is competing for staff) is higher than the salary we would normally pay based on the NYCC assigned grade.

NYC is committed to setting pay levels for every role and every post through job evaluation, in order to ensure equal pay for work of equal value. The Recruitment and Retention Payment Scheme document details the different types pf payments that can be used and includes the appropriate forms to request payments.

Useful downloads

Travel and Expenses Policy (including Relocation)

Pay and Reward Policy (including Recruitment and Retention Payments)