Recruitment and Selection (Teesside)

Recruitment & Selection

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Recruitment and selection should be fair, effective, robust and safe for the purpose of building and maintaining an effective workforce. All recruitment processes must adhere to the key elements of safer recruitment, and comply with general employment legislation including equalities.

Keeping Children Safe in Education states that schools and colleges should have written recruitment and selection policies and procedures in place.

In this subsection there are a number of documents and resources to help your school ensure they are meeting their statutory obligations around safer recruitment and applying general good employment practices. 


Policy Supporting Documents

















KCSiE 2022 Online Search guidance

Online Search Flowchart

Template Record - Online Search

Appointment Decision Record

Bank Notification Form

DBS List of Acceptable Evidence for Applicants

Education and Employment Gap Record Form

Interview Only Invite Template Letter

Interview Invite Template Letter - with Additional Activities

Interview Record Form 

Interview Record Form - with Additional Activities

Job Application Form Template

Selection Interviewing - Guidance and Question Bank  

Self-Declaration for Shortlisted Candidates

Shortlisting Record

Template Offer Letter - Support Staff  (Academy)

Template Offer Letter - Teaching Staff  (Academy)