Merit and Incentive Payments and Long Service Awards

For NJC staff Merit/Incentive Payments Scheme is intended to be aid of retention of existing high calibre employees and to have a beneficial effect on staff motivation and morale and to enable Directors/Assistant Chief Executives to manage their Directorates/Teams more flexibly by providing the delegated authority to deal with those exceptional cases of employees' high performance to which there is no other appropriate response available.

This scheme includes Honorariums, Accelerated Incremental Progression, Thank You Payments and Acting Up Payments.

The Long Service Awards Scheme was introduced in 2002 as a means of recognition and appreciation of loyalty and commitment to the County Council. Long Service Awards admin process explains all aspects of the scheme including eligibility, administration and funding.

This policy and procedure applies to all 'centrally employed' staff of the County Council, school staff are not included unless individual schools opt in to the scheme. The staff of Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools are excluded as NYCC is not the employer of these staff.

Useful Downloads

Long Service Awards Scheme

Thank You Payments - Individual Letter

Thank You Payments - Team Letter