Locality Hub Arrangements

Locality Based SEND Hubs

The local authority has restructured its central SEND and Inclusion teams to create 4 SEND multi-disciplinary Hubs that will operate across all localities in North Yorkshire. The individual Hubs will cover the following localities:

  •  Selby
  •  Scarborough, Ryedale, Whitby and Filey
  •  Hambleton/ Richmondshire
  •  Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon and Craven

The teams will operate from a main base and a number of satellite bases so that there is a presence across each geographical area.

The teams are made up of a range of professionals including SEN Caseworkers, specialist teachers, SEND specialists, practitioners, educational psychologists together with speech and language and occupational therapists.

Recruitment to the posts within the Hubs is nearly complete and we are confident that all Hubs will be fully staffed by September 2020. We have created hub diagrams detailing the names and contact numbers of staff who have been appointed to date for your information. We will update this again in preparation for September. Please click on the appropriate attachment to view the posts in your area.



Scarborough/Ryedale/Whitby & Filey


Important Information for Schools and Settings from the Assistant DIrector, Inclusion

Establishment of Locality based SEND Hubs

Changes to Educational Provision from September - Webinar Opportunities for Schools

In preparation for September we are now inviting schools to participate in a webinar meeting to hear more about the changes and to ask any questions about the changes that will be introduced.

Each meeting will last 90 minutes and will include an overview of developments, followed by a structured question and answer session.

For details of dates, times and how to book, please follow the link below:-

Webinar Sessions

Implementation of Targeted Mainstream Provisions

Following the approval of the SEND Strategic Plan in September 2018 the local authority has been working with schools to establish a greater number of fulltime permanent places for children with SEND who need a mainstream curriculum with additional support. This change in provision is intended to address an identified gap in provision between mainstream and special schools.

For further details, please follow the link below:-

Targeted Mainstream Provision

Implementation of North Yorkshire Alternative Provision (Pupil Referral Service)

North Yorkshire County Council is committed to working with schools to reduce the need for children to be permanently excluded from school. Since early 2019 the local authority has been working in partnership with secondary schools and Pupil Referral Services to ensure alternative provision in the Pupil Referral Service can be accessed to support children at risk of exclusion.

For more details about arrangements from September, please read here.

Medical Education Service

From September 2020 we will launch the new Medical Education Service in North Yorkshire which will replace all current arrangements.

The Local Authority and schools have a statutory duty to make the necessary arrangements to provide ongoing education for children who, due to their medical condition, are unable to attend school for a period of time.

The Medical Education Service is a central service provided by the local authority and is based within the Inclusion Service. The team provide short-term education to help schools and settings to provide continuity in education when a child or young people has been absent from school for 15 days or more due to a physical or mental health need. The medical education service is not an alternative provision nor a long term solution. If it is likely that a child or young person will be out of education for a long period due to a medical need further discussions will take place between the school and the Local Authority regarding a longer term plan.

The Medical Education Service is also able to provide advice and support to schools to fulfil their responsibility towards medical students on their roll.  This may include education plans whilst off school and advice towards supporting reintegration back to school. If a school notices signs that a child or young person is at risk of not attending school due to medical reasons measures will need to be put in place to prevent this from happening. The medical education service can offer advice to schools around what these measures should look like.

For more details about arrangement for September, please read here.