Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

The Local Government Pension Scheme (or LGPS) is a career average revalued earnings scheme and one of the best ways to plan for your retirement with an excellent range of benefits, It's also a modern scheme that reflects the needs of a modern workforce, whether you work full time or not.

The Scheme is open to all NYCC employees other than those eligible to join the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

All eligible employees will be contractually enrolled in the scheme when they start an NYCC post.

For information regarding your LGPS pension please visit the NYPF website www.nypf.org.uk.  The pensions team can also be contacted by email at pensions@northyorks.gov.uk or by telephone on 01609 536335.

Useful information

Online Annual Benefit Statement Instructions

Understanding your Annual Benefit Statement

LGPS Bands 2017/18

LGPS Bands 2019/20

LGPS Bands 2020/21

LGPS Bands 2021/22

Employer Discretion and Early Retirement Policies

For NYCC maintained schools, the Council remains the employer in relation to pension decisions within the LGPS.  Most entitlements are determined by the scheme regulations, however, there are some decisions which need to be made by each LGPS employer; these are called employer discretions.

The NYCC LGPS Employer Discretion Policy details the discretion decisions made by the Council.  A copy of this Policy is available below. 

How these discretions apply to early retirement situations is detailed in the LGPS Early Retirement Policy.  This policy is supported by guidance documents, including one specifically for school based employees.  These documents outline where decisions need to be made at school level and what decisions need to be referred to the Director of CYPS.

Both of these policies apply to maintained schools and do not need to be adopted by Governing Bodies.

Policy documents

NYCC LGPS Employer Discretion Policy

LGPS Early Retirement Policy

LGPS Early Retirement Policy Guidance

Template documents

Template business case

Letter 1 - Approval of flexible retirement

Letter 2 - Refusal of flexible retirement

Advanced Notification of Retirement Form - ADNOT

Employer Estimate Request - Estform 1

Employee Estimate Request - Estform 2