Maintaining and Improving Quality: Toolkits

Welcome to the home of North Yorkshire's Quality Improvement Programme for early years and childcare providers. The programme has been designed for providers who care for children within the Early Years Foundation Stage, although many of the documents will also be relevant for practitioners working with older children.

Much has changed in early years and childcare over recent years, including the update of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted information. We have reflected on the support we give providers to support quality improvement and have produced the following Quality Improvement Programme (QIP), consisting of toolkits for various areas of practice, which we hope you find useful.

The QIP is a number of different 'toolkits', all of which are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Ofsted self-evaluation form. The number and content of these toolkits will build over time, and making them available online will enable us to update them and add to them as needed.

The Quality Improvement Programme is designed to be used with your provisions' SEF. When completing your SEF or reflecting on your practice in another way, you will no doubt discover areas of practice that you want to develop or improve. Once you have identified these areas, you can come to the Quality Improvement Programme page and see if there is a toolkit that matches your need. There may be a full toolkit that covers the area you have identified or it may be a section of a larger toolkit, for instance you may want to consider the way you share information with parents and this will be a part of the Partnership with Parents toolkit. You may want to decide on a procedure for the use of mobile phones within your provision, and you will find guidance for this in the "Guide to policies in early years" document. More toolkits will be added over time so if a toolkit isn't available for an area that you're interested in, come back and check again in the future.

One question that you should always consider when reflecting on your practice is "Does our practice in this area reflect the needs of all children, families, staff and users of our provision?". You should also consider whether or not it reflects the needs of any future users. Inclusion is an important area of our work with children and families, and recognising the diversity of their needs and lives is crucial in ensuring that you have a high quality, reflective and inclusive provision.

Below you will find a short toolkit on "Evaluation and Monitoring" which will give you some ideas of how to make the toolkits work for your provision. This simple toolkit is a great starting point if you've not used a lot of self reflection before but also a very good refresher if you have!

Available Toolkits

We are currently updating these toolkits.  Some toolkits are available via links below. Others (where the toolkit is not yet fully developed) are a single download at present:

A Unique Childtwo toddlers playing

Positive Relationships                            

Learning and Development

Equality and Diversity


Reports / Articles for Information


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