Key Questions for Governors

Following the recent changes in the Ofsted Framework governors are being asked to play an increasing role in monitoring and evaluating the work of the school staff. This is linked to the idea that all governors should play the role of the critical friend. Put simply this means that you should be aware of what is going on in your school in terms of attainment and achievement. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your school and understand what strategies are in place to address the needs of all the children in the school. This will currently include having an understanding of the Pupil Premium and other funding which comes directly from Government.

Your governing body is also required to demonstrate challenge in the minutes of the Full Governing Body. These minutes will be read by Ofsted Inspectors. This can be a difficult balance between offering support to the Head teacher and asking the relevant questions to draw out the information needed for Governing Bodies to make good decisions. To help you with this process we have included some documents which you may find useful. Please see section one below.

To maintain your effectiveness as a governing, it is recommended that you carry out an internal review of your structure and practice on a regular basis, and at least annually.

During the summer of 2013 a Parliamentary Committee considered the role of the Governing Bodies across the country. They produced a set of questions which are included in section two below.


Section 1 - questions which governing bodies may wish to ask the Headteacher or other school staff who attend the governing body.

Asking the Right Questions May 2016

NGA Questions for Governing Bodies to Ask

Section 2 - questions which governing bodies should ask themselves at least once a year.

Twenty Key Questions - DfE Document Published August 2013.

Section 3 - Assessment and Accountability questions for governors

Assessment Policy

School Tracker

In the Classroom

Examples of Questions Governors Ask