For information on the application of increments for NJC (Green Book) Local Government Service Staff and JNC Youth and Community Services employees.

All employees will be subject to a contribution related salary review annually. From April 2011 the increment criteria has been extended and is applicable to staff at the top of their pay band and will be applied from April 2012. The guide to increments should be used to assess employees' eligibility at the required time for increments to be awarded.

This policy applies to all support staff in schools. Individual schools may determine to include teachers in this process following school based consultation on the school's pay policy. Schools may decide to include some or all of the criteria: conduct, capability, attendance, satisfactory appraisal. An increment may be withheld on this basis but increment removal will not apply to teachers and therefore a teacher cannot lose an increment that has already been awarded. Pay review dates will be as stated in the school's pay policy as will the Appeals process

Employees will be eligible for an increment on the 1st of April (for NJC) and the 1st of September (for Soulbury and JNC) each year up to and including the maximum of the range of their current pay band.

Employees on NJC terms and conditions who have commenced NYCC employment, or taken up a new poston a different grade, between 2nd October and 31st March are not eligible for an increment on 1st April but will be considered for one on completion of 6 months service. Similarly, for employees on Soulbury and JNC who commence NTCC employment, or take up a new post on a different grade, between the 1st of March and the 31st of August, they will be eligable for an increment on the completion of 6 months service.

In order to be eligible for an annual increment in the year under review, employees must achieve acceptable standards in relation to the behaviour and skills framework, which is incorporated into the annual appraisal, have acceptable levels of attendance, and not have had conduct or capability issues in the year under review as described fully in the guide to increments.

The process should be dealt with in accordance with the timescales stated in guidance and the Increments Decision flowchart provided.

The Increments Appeal Process explains the process used for those who have not been awarded an increment, or who have had their increment removed from the top of the pay band, and wish to appeal against the decision. Where appeals are requested these should be processed without undue delay and normally within a three month timeframe.

Useful downloads

Increments Policy - Schools

Appendix 1 - Increment Review Form

Appendix 2A - Template Letter - Individual Not to Receive Increment

Appendix 2B - Template Letter - Individual to Have Their Increment Removed

Appendix 3 - Template Letter - Individual Recommended to be Considered as an Exception

Appendix 4 - Template Letter - Outcome of Exceptions Process

Appendix 5 - Increment Appeal Process

Appendix 6 - Individual Appeal Outcome Letter