Fun with Builders' Trays

Builders' trays (or Tuff spot trays) are an incredibly versatile and reasonably priced resource. They are available from some DIY stores, builders' merchants and early years resource catalogues. Your builders' tray can be used for hundreds of different activities and in a number of different ways.

They are suitable for all age groups; it just depends on what you use and how you present it. The versatility of a builders' tray makes it accessible for all children and you can use it to support them in all six areas of learning, depending on the resources and support that you offer.

There are countless ways of using a builders' tray but we all sometimes need a bit of extra inspiration. Hopefully this toolkit will help you to reflect on how you currently use your builder's trays and give you some ideas of other resources to include in it.

Useful Downloads

Toolkit for Childcare Providers on Use of Builders Trays

Questions for Childcare Providers to Ensure Appropriate Use of Builders' Trays